Dear Lucy- 3 Years

If I were to try to describe you in a nutshell I’d have to go with snuggly, feisty, smarty pants. I was re-reading your old bday posts and I discovered that at age 1 Dad described you as a happy lightning bolt. I’d say you are sticking with that.

You have a pretty awesome mix of nobody’s gonna mess with me and I’m gonna be the best caregiver of all time.

You definitely know how to pack a punch. You had a pretty epic biting phase at daycare that we are glad is finally over. You like to tell dad he’s stinky. And poor Keegan will never be forgiven for calling your dress a shirt. For the record, it was a shirt. You went through a dresses only phase so I would just tell you that a long shirt was a dress so I didn’t have to find a clean dress. Well sweet Keegan said “I like your shirt Lucy” one day and you took it as a personal assault to your “dress.” You are still holding a grudge half a year later.

When we made the 10 hour drive from Petaluma to Vancouver last June you were adamant that there could be no music in the car. Since I choose not to negotiate with terrorists I insisted there would be music and for every waking moment in that car you complained about my choices. Currently you insist that you will only listen to female vocalists. You also often insist that you can’t help clean up because you will get hot. When you get mad you do what we call accordion hands where you pump them in and out really fast. The stubborn streak runs strong in you my dear.

However that stubborn streak fuels you well. It feeds your daring, your independence, and your confidence and you have those qualities in spades. You climb, leap, and run with abandon (falling often but who’s counting) and will take 20 minutes to tell a story to anyone who will listen with complete confidence that your tale is riveting. Your long winded stories are a favorite around here. You are also completely content to play by yourself.

Your independence and confidence was evident in your gymnastics this year. You and I took a mommy and me gymnastics class and before you were 2.5 they suggested you move up to the 3 year old class where the parents stay outside the gym. I thought you might be reluctant the first day, but you ran into the gym and never looked back. You LOVE “nastics” and it’s the thing you mourn most during this pandemic.

On the other side of feisty, sassy Lucy is snuggly, lovey Lucy. You are seriously the best hugger I have ever come in contact with. You like to give squeezy hugs and heaven help me if I don’t hug you back with two arms. You will grab my arm and put it where you’d like it to be. You are so emotive. You tell us you love us multiple times a day. You say “Otis I love your art work!” And the typing here does not do you justice because the way you says these things is way too heartfelt and animated to be captured in text. Your biggest heartbreak is when we ask not to be hugged in that moment.

You are also a caregiver. You ensure that Ally has all her toys and blankets around her at all times and are always taking care of your puppy stuffed animals. You have zero interest in dolls, but your puppies get stroller rides, bedtime stories, and snuggles galore. You sleep with quite the menagerie.

Besides pups, some of your favorite things are soup, anything purple, slumber parties with Otis, Micky Mouse Clubhouse, and Penelope (your best day care bud). You love anything water related- baths last until I pull the plug and you’ll play with your water table for an hour. You also LOVE jokes. You and dad have a few inside jokes that get you in hysterics. One involves you pretending to talk while he says “what? I can’t hear you!” Another involves you swinging on the swing set and knocking him over with your legs (he is quite the stunt man).

You love learning. In the times of COVID, Otis’ school is on an iPad and you insist you get iPad school too. You love PBS kids games! You also love to play school in the bathtub. You know your shapes and colors, and can write “L,” “t,” and “o.” You also count to 20. Oh and did I mention that you only speak in complete sentences sprinkled with fancy vocab?! “Mama your nails look glorious.” “Yum, this milk is so refreshing.” “Somebody definitely needs to cut my nails.”

My sweet Lu, our Goose, this year we watched you morph from baby to big girl. No more crib, high chair, stroller, or diapers. You like to soap yourself, dress yourself, and put on your own shoes. You would love to jump right on that school bus with Otis because you are so ready for life and all of its potential. You are a go getter at age 3. Happy Birthday to our happy, snuggly, sassy, smart lightning bolt! We love you!

Love, Mom

P.S. we may have gone overboard on your bday. Since the virus meant no party you got a bounce house and a princess tent.

3 thoughts on “Dear Lucy- 3 Years”

  1. Becky your descriptions tell the story, wonderful writing. We’re so sorry we can’t see them more as they grow up. They sound so smart, loving and sooo interesting. Tell Lucy I love to give hugs❤️ We’ve been watching them at the lake on the web cam. Love Gramps and Betty

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