Dear Otis- 5 years!

Dear Otis-

You are finally 5 years old. Your dad and I were saying that it seems like you’ve been 5 for months, but perhaps that’s just because you begin planning your bday parties 6 months in advance. I think it’s also partially because you are an old soul.

Your attention span often surpasses adults. You can study your Pokémon cards for hours, complete a lego masterpiece in one sitting, and you are even starting to tackle Nintendo.

You are also Lucy’s third parent. Often this is wonderful as we hear you saying “Lucy what color is that? Purple? You are right! Good job.” You quiz her about her day and teach her so so much. At times you veer towards the realm of enabler, catering to her every need. We are trying to help you say no to her, because Princess Lucy does not need to be calling the shots around here. You two have plenty of bickering moments. We even got you a locking cabinet for your birthday to keep her from getting to your prized possessions and unleashing the wrath of Otis. However, more often than not she’s your favorite playmate and you adore her.

You have your official first day of Kindergarten in 3 days, but you got to do a full week of kindergarten half days in preparation and you did great. Nerves for sure, but no tears, and when I’d ask you how your day was you’d reply with “Awesome!” I think you are going to love it. The other night we were reading and you got so excited and said “mom- I know that word!!!! It says art!!!!” I see a lot of proud moments in your future.

That said, you do have your demons. You are incredibly hard on yourself especially when it comes to art and legos. You choose to color in the lines, even though nobody is asking you to, and when your hand doesn’t obey you’ll rip the paper and shout “it’s horrible!” The other night when you were struggling to build your new LEGO spaceship you started crying and said “I’m having a stupid day.” My heart absolutely broke. Your perfectionism serves you so well, but we have to continue to help you have patience with yourself.

Some of your recent masterpieces-

We’ve had a big break through with swimming after a few years of failed swim lessons. You like things to be your idea so now that we live by a creek that you want to swim in you willingly and happily go to swim class. Granted all you are doing so far is completely assisted by the instructor, but the fact that you are excited about it is huge. Other physical accomplishments include learning to swing all by yourself- not even a starter push and pumping to get super high. And you also love to hike now, regaling us with your knowledge of bird and insect life along the way. We love our explorations!

You planned a pretty sweet Pokémon birthday party complete with an Eli sleepover. The two of you like to “chat” in bed and you even plan out your talking points- “first let’s talk about Pokémon, then Sonic the Hedgehog, and then Transformers.” I thought it pretty impressive that you have so many friends after only a few months in Washington.

I love that we got a fair bit of mom and Otis time in this week before you are off to real school. I love our conversations and jokes. While you test my patience at times, you also make me laugh and amaze me constantly. You are a kind, thoughtful, goofball and I love you so much! Happy 5th Birthday!