Dear Otis- Pre-School Grad

Dear Otis-

You are officially kindergarten bound after a fantastic Pre-K year at You & Me Childrens’ Center. I truly believe that we found the perfect pre-school for you. After 3 years at Tia Amelia’s daycare we decided last August to enroll you in pre-school to help prepare you for kindergarten. It’s always hard choosing a school, but somehow luck was on my side and you landed at the perfect place! Here you are on your first day.

We had a few teary drop offs the first week, but Teacher Kelly would pull you aside and distract you with an art project. She “got you” right away.

You love learning! You are so proud to be a Wise Owl at You & Me. You love to come home and tell us all about the letter of the week or the nature walk you went on.

We enjoyed a Halloween Parade at your school (you were Rocketship Man).

And a trip on the Polar Express.

You even let me come read The Nutcracker to the Wise Owls.

You have learned to write your first and last name and you like to write random letters and ask me what they spell or copy my own writing.

You love to do art.

Teacher Kelly and Teacher Nancy gave you a chapter book when you filled your Pom Pom cup for good behavior.

You made all sorts of friends- Bodhi, Baen, Will, and Liam being your closest buds. Will taught you all about bugs and snakes and Liam taught you about birds. You are quite the naturalist! We are going to attempt to be pen pals with them.

All in all, its been a great year and we are so proud of you. To quote Teacher Kelly “you are a kind boy and you use your thinker.” Thank you to Teachers Nancy, Kelly, Nell, Donya and all the rest of the staff for starting your education in a fun and exciting way!

In Otis’ own words “you are the best school I’ve ever seen! You rock!”

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