Dear Lucy- 2 Years Old

Dear Lucy-

You turn 2 today! You are definitely a big kid now with the vocabulary and mood swings to match. Some of our favorite Lucy sentences include “daddy back work right now.” Poor dad- you love to send him to his office. “Lucy do it-” this is usually pertaining to putting your shoes on by yourself. “Too scary-” applies to anything you don’t want to do. “Too spicy- applies to anything you don’t feel like eating. You are also pretty good at please and thank you and you never miss the opportunity to say “bless you” when someone sneezes.

Your face is extremely emotive. It’s usually pretty clear to see how you feel about things.

You want to do all the things your brother does. You like to count, usually saying “six seven eight.” You like to state your age including quarters- you currently are steadfast in your belief that you are 6 quarters old. And you LOVE to read. If someone isn’t available to read to you, you simply “read” to yourself. You sit through 10 minute long books and will sit in your room on your bear chair for up to 45 minutes perusing your library.

You have started to sing songs. Happy Birthday and Itsy Bitsy Spider are faves, and then, of course, there’s the Paw Patrol theme song. You’ve got that one down pat!

You have a strong opinion about what you wear, with hearts being your preference, and you are pretty tolerant of my hair styling (and Tia’s too).

You still go to Tia’s where, according to you, you play outside with Eeeooo (Leo) and Peyee (Perry) and always eat pizza for lunch. You also took a little soccer class at a Mother’s Club field trip.

You are pretty adventurous, already climbing all over playgrounds, and much more comfortable straying from mom than your brother is.

Your are my Baby Boot Camp buddy where you like to hang with Grace and eat snacks.

Lylah and Julia are your other best buds

Buy Otis is hands down your best friend (even if you bully him a tiny bit).

Up until a week ago you would sleep through the night consistently after family storytime. Nightmares seem to have just appeared for you. You’ve got front teeth and molars but nothing in between. You are obsessed with cats and dogs. You would eat soup and oranges for every meal if we let you. And you are the biggest snuggler I know. You always want to climb up to our laps for hugs. We love you so much Lu!!!!!

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