Festive for Days!

Christmas spirit was off the charts in the Moore household this year! We had a blast indulging in all things holiday for the last month.

Brad was sick Thanksgiving weekend, but still managed to haul all 5 boxes of decorations in from the shed before collapsing into bed for 12 hours straight. With my Elves in Training we managed to have the house fully transformed to wonderland by November 24. Each morning thereafter when Lucy awoke she would utter “light, lights, pretty lights” until all Xmas lights had been plugged in.

Hmmm . . . What else did we do? What didn’t we do would be the more concise answer, but here we go.

Greet Santa as he arrives by Riverboat ✅

Gingerbread house ✅

Christmas movies ✅ (Elf and The Santa Clause were hits)

Costco impulse buy ✅

Nutcracker Storytime at Otis’ pre-school ✅

Cookie decorating after Boot Camp ✅

Go see the Nutcracker ✅. Grandma and Otis went on a date for this. Special outfits, lunch out, and attended the performance with friends. Favorite character- the Nutcracker himself. Favorite scene- the Battle Scene.

12 Days of Jolly the Kindness Elf ✅. This was new for Otis this year. Among my favorite Jolly requests- make grandma and grandpa lunch (salami sandwiches of course), help mom clean for the party (“mom would you like me to sweep the floor for you?” 🤗), make cards for your teachers

And bake cookies to thank the Nutcracker dancers (damn that Jolly is ambitious). Goal- 100 cookies. Actual- 40 cookies.

Holiday outfits ✅

Don’t worry- Brad has matching pjs too. He is just too wily to be caught on camera.

Polar Express day at pre-school. It was so freakin’ (don’t say that word mom) magical! The Polar Bear even made an appearance!

Christmas Party ✅. This year’s title was Moore Merriment Happy Hour. I’d consider it a successful party when you go to check on the “big kids” and find them all in the little kid’s crib 🤷‍♀️

Xmas light drive with hot apple cider ✅

And that brings us to Christmas morning. So many smiles!

It really is my favorite month of ever year! Traditions abound and family is cherished. Magic is real and joy is tangible. Until next year!

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