Dear Lucy- 16 Months

Dear Lucy-

And you’re off!!! You have completely transformed in the last 4 months. You walk, talk, build puzzles, and hoard legos.

Let’s start with walking. Your dad and I spent the last month saying “she’s walking, oh wait, not really.” You had the ability but lacked the desire. You’d take 6 steps and then be done for the day. Otis had the most luck with coaxing you to walk.

We kept waiting for you to figure out how cool walking is. Lo and behold one day it clicked and you’ve been doing laps ever since!

You’ve also found your voice. You have a breathy “hi,” a valley girl “byeeeee,” and a tiny and adorable “baby.” You like to feed your babies bottles and burp them. You say “wa” for water. I’m finally “mommy” and Dad and Otis are both “dada.” You’re even trying to say purple. And what you can’t say you can understand. You point to your nose, ears, mouth, head, and belly when we talk about them. When we ask you to get your shoes or your baby you wander off and return with the requested item. That brain of yours is definitely full steam ahead right now and you are loving all of your newfound knowledge.

You also finally got teeth this month- 6 of them! It’s like all of a sudden you decided not to be a baby anymore.

You definitely have a temper and you are living proof that patience is a learned skill, not an instinct. Too bad teaching this skill requires letting you scream about the great injustice of us not giving you the marker that you can’t reach. How dare we withhold the god-given right to markers/legos/instant food/whatever your mind is set on in that moment. 😂 The good news is that you are making serious progress on this skill set and are quick to turn on the charm once your rage subsides.

Your favorite activities right now are keeping Otis’ tiny legos in your fist for hours, taking the cap on and off an empty chocolate milk bottle, dancing anytime you hear music, and playing with your brother.

You love reading books, adore pigs, and are an avid hugger. Your impromptu hugs are, hands down, one of my very favorite things in this world. You exude happiness and love and, as you leave your baby days behind, I find myself simply adoring the kid that you are blossoming into. I love you so much!



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