Unless you count a work related trip to Portland in 2012 or 36 hour Sonoma County trips during both pregnancies, Brad and I have not had a true vacation since our Kauai honeymoon in 2009. Don’t get me wrong, there have been lovely trips to Virginia and Lake Tahoe in between, but they have revolved around visiting with family. Vacation for the sake of vacation; vacation for the sake of seeing new sights; vacation for the sake of doing whatever we want whenever we want took a 9 year hiatus. I’d also venture to say that this was our very first vacation from parenthood. Long story short- the last 4 days have been glorious!

We chose Seattle for a few reasons

  • We could fly from Santa Rosa airport which means from our front door to the gate is 45 minutes (yes that includes long term parking and the most pleasant security process ever)
  • We like the Pacific Northwest vibe

We are even more glad we chose Seattle after our visit!

We averaged 3 record shops, 2 hummus menu items, and 2 breweries a day. If you know us at all, you know this is pretty much our ideal lifestyle.

Fremont brewery was Brad’s favorite beer-wise. Old Stove Brewery was our favorite taproom- can’t beat looking over the water while you sip.

Our favorite neighborhood was Fremont. So many quirky shops. We even found a cider tasting room, Schilling.

We loved that we could walk everywhere. According to the pedometer in Brad’s phone, we averaged 20,000 steps a day.

When we weren’t walking, we took ferries. Loved the ferry to Bainbridge Island! Great views and a fun spot to explore. Wine tasting in a comic book shop?! Yes please!
Brad tried to get some pics of me on the ferry . . .

We decided to stick with scenery shots.

We checked out Ballard Locks- pretty fascinating how they move all that water around.

We even got our Marvel fix at MoPOP!

It was such a treat to spend time just the TWO of us. Thank you Seattle.

P.S. The kids were well cared for by Grandma and Grandpa. We heard tales of water fights, tractor rides, zoo visits, and ninja warrior games. I believe there was only one accidental incident of baby throwing and said baby went unharmed. Both kids were returned to us freshly bathed and with suitcases of clean clothes. I believe our front walkway was even swept and who know what other chores they snuck in. 5 stars to the babysitters!

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