Summer Fun Part One

Summer in the Moore family means that Becky has a “normal person” work schedule- Saturdays and Sundays off and less late nights. I won’t lie- my heart broke a little when Otis’ face lit up with joy the other night as he said “you mean we are going to eat dinner as a family?!!!”

Well, that we are. Family dinners and lots of together time on weekends.

Speaking of dinner, guess who decided to eat real food all of a sudden? Miss Lucy Goose! Her faves are zucchini fritters, scrambled eggs, and mac’ n cheese. Oh and she’s quite the fan of cow’s milk so we’ve moved on from Mama’s milk.

The Goose also decided to start crawling this week. She’s mobile. Aghhhhh! 😂

Otis continues to astound us with his vocabulary and conversation skills . . .

Dad-“want me to push you higher on the swing?” Otis- “No. I just want to sit and savor this moment.”

“Mom did you know that the wolf likes to blow houses down? He can’t blow really strong ones down like if they’re made of hard wood. He can only break cozy houses.”

Favorite words include magnificent, actually, vehicle, and cozy.

He’s also conquered his fear of climbing and now wants to climb everything in sight. I think this newfound bravery is due in large part to us going to my baby boot camp exercise classes. I do my workout and he plays with the other kids. It’s been interesting to see the growth and transformation that have come with him having a bit of independence. I think it’s easier to try and fail without someone hovering. I’ve noticed this happens with Lucy too- if I’m in the room she wants me to help her stand up, pick her up, etc. If I leave the room she figures it out on their own. This has been a good lesson for me and I’m now always trying to find the right balance- let them discover and experiment on their own without this leading to trips to the ER. 🤞🏻

But I digress . . . this post is about summer fun. We kicked the summer off with a one night camping trip. Our boot camp friends camped with us at the local KOA. Verdict-

  • super fun place for kids, even if it doesn’t feel like real camping- jump pillow, petting zoo, sweet playground
  • The work involved to prepare for camping warrants at minimum a 2 night stay
  • We need a bigger vehicle

The following weekend we checked out Morton’s Warm Springs in Glen Ellen. How did I not know about this place? One pool is only a foot deep. Another is 3 feet deep. It’s the perfect place for toddlers.

This past weekend brought a one night getaway for Brad and I. His band played in Bolinas, a little coastal hidden gem. I tagged along and grandma had a sleepover with the kids. Grandma got raspberries and “I love yous” at bedtime. Otis had a salami sandwich for dinner followed by salami for dessert. Brad and I stayed up til 2am (yes- we are very cool and impressive) and slept in until 9:30. Everybody won!

We returned refreshed (albeit nursing headaches) and took a fun family walk to the park and tacos.

The crazy thing is that this weekend is only half over. This regular person weekend business is pretty cool. I’m going to take a cue from Otis and savor every moment of this summer!