Dear Lucy- 12 Months

Dear Lucy-

You are One!!! This month you became a pro at going from butt to belly. You learned to slither in a full circle on your tummy. And you now sleep soundly on your stomach. With all of this tummy time, we thought you were on your way to crawling for sure (check out your rhythmic butt moves) . . .

However, crawling is no longer on your your to do list. You have clearly decided to apply all of your brain power to walking. You want to hold our hands and pull up to standing every second we’ll allow it. You are even able to balance with only one hand and you can teeter for a second or two unassisted. We hold your paws and you march proudly with high steps around the room, cackling as you go. You are beyond delighted with this new skill.

Becoming an upright being has definitely been your focus this month, but you’ve also thrown in a few other new skills.When I say “where’s your belly?” you pat your tummy vigorously. Your pincher grasp has become quite refined, so much so that you grab any crumb or piece of dirt on the floor that the roomba has missed and proudly show it to me. You have also learned to share. You’ve created a game out of handing us your toys.

We threw you a pretty sweet party for your birthday. Guests included Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Toothpaste, Aunt Megan, Piper, Julia, Olivia, Abby, Frankie, and Allie. Aunt Jen and Mateo even flew up from San Diego to attend.

I assigned Aunt Jen the task of finding a Bday outfit for you and she nailed it!

Dad and I set up a ball pit and water table for the party. And I had fun making some photo displays.

We got you a sandbox for your birthday. You are pretty jazzed about it!

Otis helped me make the cupcakes. In typical Lucy fashion, you refused to eat any of it, but loved making a huge mess out of your cupcake.

I had so much fun celebrating you! You mean so much to us Lucy Girl. You are such a happy, flirty, stubborn, sassy little thing. I asked Dad to describe you in 3 words and he said “Happy Lightning Bolt.” I think that describes you perfectly. You are fierce and full of energy and you’ve struck our hearts with your charm. I love you Goose!