Dear Lucy- 11 Months

Dear Lucy-

This month has been so much fun, especially compared to the fever and snot filled month that preceded it! This month you have become a curious little explorer.

You are exploring language. We are hearing lots of “amamama” and “adadada” and we are pretty sure that you know one of them refers to me and the other to Dad. You also shake your head “no” when you don’t want something. Usually that something is food. While you’ve definitely increased your intake of puréed food, you eat begrudgingly. Food must enter your mouth via spoon. You have zero interest in putting anything into your mouth yourself. The good news is that along with food, gravel, bark, legos, etc. stay out of your mouth. This comes in handy at boot camp. You play in the grass or gravel while I work out. You even have a boot camp buddy.

While items do not end up in your mouth, you definitely get your hands on everything. You’ve tried to pull dishes off the table. You get mad when an object gets confiscated. And you are no longer a mere observer to our morning games of Trouble. You want to get your hands on those little pieces so bad!

You are not crawling yet, but you’ve mastered the butt to stomach maneuver so you are making progress.

You scoot backwards as well, but that only seems to frustrate you.

I think you really want to be on the move, but haven’t figured the coordination out yet. You love to get in your bouncer and wiggle like crazy.

You continue to adore your brother and the feeling is mutual.

You remain toothless, although I feel like you’ve got a bunch ready to pop through. You sleep through the night, but rarely nap for long. You smile constantly and chuckle often. I’m tearing up as I write this because I just love you so so much and I can’t believe how much you complete our family!



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