Dear Lucy- 10 Months

Dear Lucy-

I’ve been threatening to write “Dear 10 Month Lucy, you were sick. The end.” In truth, your main accomplishment this month was strengthening your immune system. For a second child that didn’t have her first cold until 8.5 months, you have sure made up for lost time. This was a 2 fever month complete with roseola, pink eye, and a suspiciously croupy cough. And you also wounded your face with your own fingernail (which I had just clipped). As I write this, you are totally healthy so I’ve got my fingers crossed that we are in for a long stint of good health.

D2AC1DAE-8D92-4418-BECF-04E5B41310FC.jpegDespite being sick so much, you did accomplish a lot this month.

Your babbling is starting to sound like words. You reach and grab for everything. You are eating purées like a champ now. You still don’t want anything that doesn’t come on a spoon, but you are up to two servings of real food a day so I’ll take it.

You play peekaboo, or as they say at daycare “donde esta Lucy?”

And, drum roll please . . . . YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! Yup- for a solid 11 hours you stay in your crib without eating. Not sure if it was just the timing or our new strategy, but once I started coming to you when you cried and saying “you’re ok” and NOT feeding you, you threw in the towel and decided to sleep. Thank you!

You still don’t have any interest in moving independently, but that’s ok. I think you are putting your brain power into your vocabulary of sounds.

I love you Goosey Girl!


Dear Lucy- 9 Months

Dear Lucy-

3 days ago you turned 9 months. I’ve been dying to write to you all week, but life delayed me. I thought I’d tell you what an average day for 9 month Lucy is like.

You wake up around 6:30am and I try to feed you in my bed. Being the non-morning person that I am, I let you play in my bed for a bit while Dad showers and I attempt to catch a few more zzzzs. You usually decide to play “hold mom’s chin” or “examine mom’s hair” which means we are officially up for the day.

You are so happy in the morning! You’ll sit on your blanket and play with your toys while the rest of us consume cereal and coffee (you’re right- Otis does not drink coffee). You LOVE toys right now and especially love to clap them together to make noise. You are pretty rhythmic. You have also mastered hand clapping this month.

After breakfast Otis and I usually join you on the floor. You watch us play board games and we try to get you to scoot around on your belly. So far you’ve only managed to scoot backwards an inch at a time.

Depending on the day we might move on to bathtime.

If I’m lucky, Otis will babysit you while I shower. Here you guys are playing a “game” he made up called Computer.

On Mondays we head to music class

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we often go to boot camp where I work out and you either sleep or watch me. I think I inspired you to do sit ups!

Some mornings we get in a park visit.

Then it’s off to Tia’s where you hang out with other babies while Dad and I work.

Dad picks you up and gets you home for dinner. Dinner is a work in progress. You aren’t super into real food, so we are attempting to show you how yummy it is. Maybe by next month you’ll be a connoisseur.

Around 6:30pm Dad gives you a bottle, reads you a book and puts you to bed. You usually wake up once during the night to eat. We’ve given up trying to break that habit after a few hour long cry sessions.

Then we do it all again the next day.

This month saw your first ride in a shopping cart (thanks Grandma) and your first use of a restaurant high chair.

You celebrated your first Valentine’s Day.

And I finally put you in your first ballerina outfit (I caved).

This month you’ve become a daredevil. Those who hold you must beware of spontaneous back bends and zigzag torso moves, both of which you find hilarious. You also find Dad, Otis, Grandma (she spends every Friday with you), and I hilarious. I’m so glad that life seems to tickle your fancy! Your joy inspires me!

I love you so much!