Dear Lucy- 8 Months

Dear Lucy-

No need for me to beat around the bush- one of my favorite parts of month 8 was PONYTAILS. I’ve been in training for this all my life (thanks to dolls and a willing little sister). I’m ready to be your personal hair stylist for as long as you’ll tolerate it!

In addition to decorating your hair, I also decorated a room for you this month. Why did it take me until your 8th month to give you a room? Well, I had the delusion that you and Otis would share a room, but with him being a light sleeper and you in need of sleep training (yup- we let you cry), it wasn’t in the cards. Your dad had his doubts about the room sharing plan all along- he was right. It was clear you’d outgrown your bassinet . . .

So we needed to get you into your crib stat. Disassembling and moving furniture down the stairs was not an easy feat for your dad and I to get done with 2 kids underfoot, but we persevered and you are super happy in your crib.

I got a bit crafty and am rather pleased with how your room turned out. I hope you like it Lucy Goose.

Ok more about you, less about me. You are loving toys. You knock down block towers. You shake rattles. And Otis even taught you to clap your toys together.

Speaking of Otis, you two practically have your own special language. His silly noises and faces have you in stitches. He even “babysits” you while I shower (the world’s fastest shower with multiple breaks to check on you). The bond that the two of you have is a constant joy in my life!

This month you had your first trip to the ocean.

You also attended a New Years Eve party. It ended at 7pm, but it still counts.

You also had your first fever. You were a trooper, but it was so hard to go a week without your constant smile. Even listening to dad’s band left you bored and sad.

We were so glad to get your grin back once you were better. That grin and your little cackle are THE BEST!

You’ve now gone a few nights in a row sleeping 7-8 hours straight! No tooth yet, but I feel like it could be any day. You are eating your puréed veggies like a champ. Sitting is your favorite, but you do like to wiggle on your belly and you think it’s super fun when we help you roll over. One of these days you’ll take control and consciously initiate a roll yourself.

Thanks for being such a delight! I love you more than I can even say!


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