1/12th Elf

For one month out of the year it is socially acceptable for me to indulge in my very favorite hobby- Christmas! You better believe me when I say that I make those 30 days count!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved everything holiday cheer related. Maybe it’s the months of each year that I devote to The Nutcracker. Maybe it’s the memories of enchanting Christmases of my childhood. Or maybe I am just part Elf. The reality is that every fiber of my being loves the tradition and merry making and childlike excitement that the Christmas season brings out of me. And now I get to see the magic through the eyes of my children! There’s no holding me back now!

Picking out the tree

Decorating the House

Gingerbread housing with Aunt Megan and Uncle Toothpaste

Santa’s Riverboat arrival

Visitors in between Nutcracker performances

Holiday outfits!

Gingerbread cookies and a party

And it’s only December 22nd. . . ! Merry Christmas everyone!

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