Dear Lucy- 7 Months

Dear Lucy-

This month you have been the most cheerful baby. Sure you fuss when you are hungry or tired (don’t we all?!), but you literally spend every other moment of your day smiling and laughing. You love sitting up and now that you can do it endlessly on your own, you find everything amusing.

The only time you get serious is when you are studying your hand. You can watch that thing forever with serious contemplation. For the majority of the past month I’ve been confused about your hands. You love to watch yourself control them. You love to pull my hair and play with your clothes. But you have been completely uninterested in picking up toys. You have insisted on keeping your hands close to your body. However, on Christmas Day you decided that you will now play with toys. Perfect timing- many of the presents under the tree were for you!

Santa brought you a new bathtub and boy was it a hit!

While I still love to pop you in the ergo from time to time, you now enjoy a good stroller ride. We’ve been bundling up for chilly morning walks.

You’ve become quite curious this month. You often take nursing breaks or fight naps because you want to see what’s going on. You are just sure that you are going to miss something. While this can mess with our “schedule” (good thing we don’t have one :), I love seeing your interest in the world around you. You are learning so much!

Month 7 was a delightful one Lucy Girl! I can’t wait to see what’s up next for you. I love you!


1/12th Elf

For one month out of the year it is socially acceptable for me to indulge in my very favorite hobby- Christmas! You better believe me when I say that I make those 30 days count!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved everything holiday cheer related. Maybe it’s the months of each year that I devote to The Nutcracker. Maybe it’s the memories of enchanting Christmases of my childhood. Or maybe I am just part Elf. The reality is that every fiber of my being loves the tradition and merry making and childlike excitement that the Christmas season brings out of me. And now I get to see the magic through the eyes of my children! There’s no holding me back now!

Picking out the tree

Decorating the House

Gingerbread housing with Aunt Megan and Uncle Toothpaste

Santa’s Riverboat arrival

Visitors in between Nutcracker performances

Holiday outfits!

Gingerbread cookies and a party

And it’s only December 22nd. . . ! Merry Christmas everyone!