Dear Lucy- 6 Months

Dear Lucy-

It’s your half birthday today- the big 6 month mark!! You must have sensed it was coming because yesterday you decided to be a complete show off. In the same day you rolled over (you hadn’t in a while), started sitting up unassisted for minutes at a time, and began to use consonants. I think I hear l, w, d, and g creeping into your babble. Oh and you also decided you love puréed turkey/carrot/apple.

Yup- this month we started giving you solid foods. With the memory of Otis’ 11 day poop strike of 2014 we decided to start you off with prunes. Success on two counts . . . 1. You seemed to like them. 2. You pooped the next morning. Nailed it!

So far you have eaten peas, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, prunes, apples, pears, and peaches. Favorites thus far include mango, turkey, and peanut butter.

You have become quite the social butterfly. At your 6 month doctors visit today Dr. Hensley said “clearly she’s social. She hasn’t taken her eyes off me this whole time.” You also graced him with numerous smiles.

Speaking of social- you already have a best friend. His name is Otis. You think everything he does is funny. He waits on you hand and foot- feeding you and bringing you all of your favorite toys. The bond runs deep already and it completely melts my heart.

As far as toys go, your giraffe popper is by far your favorite. You have started to hold your toys on your own a bit too.

You still love your bouncy chair, but have proven that the seat belt is there for good reason.

Your cackle, I mean laugh, is now a constant sound in our house and is completely contagious. You elicit smiles and giggles from strangers and motivate us to keep you entertained. Mom, Dad, and Otis will do anything to keep you smiling and grinning. Keep it coming sweet girl! We love you so much!



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