Today was a good day

Last night Brad slept on Otis’ floor after a midnight monster freak out. I slept in our bed listening to Lucy cry intermittently since we are currently refusing her nocturnal desires of eating every 2 hours and sleeping on me. We greeted the day with exhaustion, but luckily showers and coffee managed to revive us and we ended up having an amazing day. Highlights . . .

Brad cooked us up some eggs and bacon. I put my pandora station on Beatles. And we had a lazy morning of LEGO building.

Otis and I had an epic battle of super hero strength.

We survived a children’s’ museum on the Sunday before Halloween. Brad put on a green shirt in a half attempt to be the Hulk or “Hunk” as Otis pronounces it. Te he!

I erupted into a fit of giggles when Brad told Otis “Don’t scratch your butt with your toothbrush.” This was only one of the numerous times today that Brad had me laughing uncontrollably.

I got to see a video of my nephew batting and pitching at an SDSU baseball event.

Lucy and Otis played together on the trampoline.

Brad and Otis built an impressive couch fort.

Lucy and I had an impromptu photo shoot.

Some days this is life.

It’s worth it though because then there are days like today.

Today was a good day. As I sit here writing this I know . . .

I want to remember days like these forever!

3 thoughts on “Today was a good day”

  1. My favorite post ever! Being a parent is tough, but you show that it is ALWAYS worth it. thanks to you and Brad for making special memories with Otis and Lucy.

    Liked by 1 person

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