Dear Lucy- 4 Months

Hello sweet girl. You are 4 months old today. I’ve got to be honest- you put us through the wringer this month. The combination of a major developmental leap and a lot of change definitely had an affect on you. Weeks 1 and 2 brought us Frustrated-during-waking-hours-Lucy. Weeks 2 and 3 brought us Up-every-1.5-hours-at-night-Lucy as well as Only-sleeps-on-mom-Lucy. Week 4 showed improvement with Happy-awake-will-sleep-in-her-bed-but-only-for-2-hours-at-a-time-Lucy. We’ll take it!

None of this was your fault, of course. Your brain was growing and your mom went back to work. With daycare on vacation you went from mom being around every second of your life to daytimes with Dad for a week. Then daytimes with Grammie and Grampie for two weeks. And finally daytimes at daycare this week. I’m sure your nighttime clinginess is just your way of getting Mom time, so I’m trying my best to be flattered in my sleep deprived state. 😀

The return of Happy-Awake-Lucy has been very cool in that you have some new skills to show off. You can now put your hands where your brain tells you to. You hold toys, grab shirts, and put your index finger or whole fist in your mouth. You also respond to your name, react to your mirror image, and sing to yourself.

You are truly exploring the world now and it’s really fun to watch you discover things.

You have discovered that your brother is hilarious. Just in the last few days you two seem to really enjoy hanging out together. It melts my heart when you grin and laugh at him!

You are a mover! Changing your diaper is like wrestling a windmill. Your legs don’t stop bicycling. You try to sit up in your bouncy chair and love your new sit me up contraption. We had to ditch the swaddle because you’d wake yourself up in the attempt to free your limbs. I predict that you will be early to sit up, crawl, and walk, but only time will tell.

I feel like I am currently sprinting through a marathon (feed/bathe/play with kids, then off to work, then home to help with bedtime, then clean bottles, pump one more time, relax for 30 minutes, collapse into bed, nurse you throughout the night, repeat),but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! You bring so much joy into my life and I treasure you Miss Lucy Goosey! I love you so so much!



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