Inner Thoughts

I love getting glimpses inside Otis’ brain!

While playing with lego men Otis was overheard saying “you have been a good listener so you get to go. You have been mean so you don’t get to go.” After accumulating 8 good listeners and 2 mean guys, “thank you for being good listeners.” Good to know this behavior info is rattling around around somewhere in his head even if he doesn’t always model it.

While Brad and I reminisced about a younger Otis saying “whobody” Otis leapt to defend himself. “It is a word!! It’s how you ask if people are there. Whobody’s there?” I couldn’t believe he could define his word!

Tonight while leaving soccer practice I was carrying Lucy, the diaper bag, and the picnic blanket and reaching to pick up the ergo. Otis said “I can carry it Mom.” When I said I could get it he countered that I didn’t have any arms left. Quite true. I happily let him schlepp it to the car for me (dragging it through dirt and twigs of course).

I told him that Lucy would be joining him at daycare tomorrow and I thought maybe he could help her not be scared. He said “It’s ok Lucy. There aren’t any monsters there.”

And my personal favorite . . . I had told Otis that I had to work late and it would be just him, Lucy, and dad hanging out after daycare. So Brad picks him up and they get in the car and Otis says “Mom’s at work so we can talk about poop tonight!”

2 thoughts on “Inner Thoughts”

  1. Beck,

    You capture so much with your words. I’m so glad you take the time to write and share them with us. There is a lot of caring, love and humor in your home, thanks to you and Brad!

    Love all of you!



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