Dear Lucy- 3 Months

Dear Lucy-

My sweet girl- you are 3 months old today and full of life. This month brought laughter!!! The sweet sound of you chortling with glee stops time and completely mesmerizes me.

For some reason, you laugh every time your dad appears. It’s adorable.

In addition to laughter, this month brought a whole range of vocal experimentation. You love the sound of your own voice.

You’ve recently decided that if you are awake you’d like someone to be paying attention to you. We can be having a grand ol’ time and the second I stop looking at you (to build legos with your brother) you will start fussing to let me know that I really should be making silly faces at you instead.

And so we’ve begun to “play.” We hang out on our bellies.

We play on our backs

You push off my hands with your feet and scoot on your back across the floor. You’ve rolled over from tummy to back three times. We play peekaboo. You even join Otis for story time.

The only time you “play by yourself” is when you are marveling at that which is your own feet.

In fact, you’ve gotten so wiggly in your chair that we’ve had to start strapping you in lest you escape.

Other highlights of this month include:

You becoming a pro at the bottle. Hooray!

You going camping.

And you surviving a trip to Tahoe with a whole gaggle of toddlers

You are no longer living in your own tiny bubble. You are trying to take in everything that is going on around you. It is absolutely amazing to watch your world grow. I have been so lucky to spend all of my time with you these past 3 months. Going back to work in a week will be a shock to my system for sure. I’ll miss our naps together on the couch, but will look forward to cuddling and playing with you every morning and every night. I can’t wait to see what you discover next!

I love you so much!!!


5 thoughts on “Dear Lucy- 3 Months”

  1. Becky she just gets more adorable, we love the picture of she and Otis laying on the floor. They both take wonderful pictures 😍 Love Gramps and Betty


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