Dear Otis- 3 Years

Dear Otis-

I am so incredibly proud of you! You are now 3 years old and you’ve accomplished so much in the last 6 months. Not only have you ditched the diapers (you even pee standing up thanks to Eli’s tutelage), but you’ve also become an awesome big brother. While you have moments when you are less than sweet to Lucy, the majority of the time you are quite dear to her. When we stopped for lunch on the drive home from Tahoe, Lucy started crying in her car seat while I was ordering our food. Suddenly she stopped and I looked down to see you gently rocking her car seat. You said “Look Mom- I made her smile!” You earn her smiles a lot these days.

At 3 years old you are so many things . . .

You are loving. You still like to sit on my lap from time to time, and when you go to bed you demand a fist bump, hug, kiss, and a boop (tap on the cheek).

You are inquisitive. Car rides are filled with questions- “What’s in that truck Mom?” “Are we on a bridge?” “Is that Walnut Park?” You absolutely love to learn.

You are hilarious. Tia has taught you to dance using your hips. You love to shake your booty and dance around as we yell “Eso! Eso!” If something you say makes us laugh, you will be sure to say it as often as possible.

You are eager and enthusiastic. When you like something- cracking eggs in a bowl while we bake, helping dad screw in a piece to a music pedal, throwing water balloons in the backyard- you exclaim “Woah! This is cool!”

You are passionate. When you set your mind to something, you mean business. If you struggle to accomplish the task you can get pretty upset. We are working on taking a deep breath when frustration hits.

You are a negotiator. When you ask for crackers and I say you can have two you say “how about 3?.” When I say this is the last tv show you say “how about just one more?” The good news is that you’ll take what you can get. Recently we’ll let you watch a show downstairs while we cook dinner upstairs. We tell you that when it’s over you need to turn the tv off and come up the stairs to dinner. You do exactly that!

You are imaginative. You make up your own games, your stuffed animals talk to each other, and occasionally you have an invisible friend hanging out with you.

You are 38.75 inches tall (80th %) and weigh 33.5 pounds (70th %). You love transformers and legos. Swimming is your new favorite activity. You challenge, inspire, and delight us on a daily basis! We love you so much!



P. S. You had a super awesome pirate bday party! You and your friends caught fish in the hot tub, threw water balloons at an octopus, and dug for treasure in a pretty sweet box fort. Happy Birthday Oats!

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