Outnumbered in Tahoe

This is the story of three brave women who took to the roads to make the 3rd annual Tykes Take Tahoe trip a reality. The bravest among them drove 11.5 hours each way!!!

The biggest difference in this year's trip was the adult:child ratio. We went from 3:3 to 3:5! This year Amelia and Lucy joined the crew.

Let's just say that the amount of wine consumed grew accordingly and we all feel we are ready for our lifeguard certification! We were most definitely outnumbered (in a good way of course)!

The 2017 trip will forever be remembered as the "do you need to go potty?" trip. With 3 newly potty trained toddlers we somehow managed to survive with no pee or poo on the floor. However each mom made the frantic mad dash to the potty from the beach upon hearing that adrenaline summoning phrase "mommy- I need to poo."

Other than that, it was just like old times with laughter and joy up the wazoo! Check out these then and nows . . .

Highlights of this year's trip (aka moments when I was pinching myself) included

"Hikes" around the condo complex

Sunsets on the deck

Bonding with Littles

Dance Parties

Pizza making parties

And oh so much beach time

Can't wait for next year!!!

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