Camping 2017

For the second annual Moore/Hill camping trip, we chose a 2 night stay at Spring Hill Regional Park in the not so wilds of Santa Rosa (30 minutes from our house). With a 2 month old and an 8 month old in tow it seemed wise to stay close to home.

Here are the camping trip stats.

  • 4 kids under the age of 3
  • 27 pees on the tiny potty (approximate)
  • 1 poop in pants (no picture taken)
  • So much butt crack
  • 3 nap evaders and one champion napper.
  • 2 musical instruments (the third went unused due to child wrangling constraints).
  • 1 fellow camper that asked to join the jam on his harmonica.
  • 2 Spring Lake swimmers
  • Infinite morning cups of coffee and evening glasses of wine.
  • A whole lot o’ happy campers

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