Ups and Downs

At Otis’ two day old check up, the pediatrician was completely candid with us. She explained what we might expect as far as nursing and sleeping for the next few weeks, and finished by saying “basically as soon as you’ve got it figured out, it will change.” Were truer words ever spoken?! Parenting can be so beautiful one moment and downright ugly the next. One minute you feel like you’re mom of the year and the next minute you are full of doubt. This job is a roller coaster for sure!

This week brought three major parenting wins.

1. We started potty training Otis and he took to it splendidly. We are on day 5. We haven’t had an accident in two days and only had 3 accidents total. We are even out and about with a potty in the back of the car that he willingly uses whenever nature calls.

2. After weeks of protest, Lucy finally succumbed to the bottle. Apparently we needed a more boob-like brand. Thanks to my circle of moms we borrowed an array of bottles and found the one for her. We have had 3 successful bottle feeds in a row.

3. Both kids are asleep by 8:30ish . . . IN THEIR OWN BEDS!!!! We just started putting Lucy down in her bassinet drowsy but awake around 8 or 8:30. She fusses for a few minutes but then sleeps until 1 or 2am (then out again until 5:30). It has been amazing to have a couple of hours where neither Brad or I is holding a baby or entertaining a toddler.

Now, the title of this post is ups and downs right? Well, Last night I sent my mom a kid update via text that concluded with the words “it’s too good to be true.” How wise and all-knowing I am!

We were way up and then we went way down!

Last night Lucy chose to be wide awake from 4-5:30am spitting up on me every so often as we paced around the house.

Then this morning I passed the time in the hallway holding Otis’ door closed while he had the most epic tantrums of his life. Through the door I continually requested that he calm down and sit on his bed. While he eventually gave in and did what I asked, it only occurred after the neighborhood was privy to the screeches, wails, and door pounding of an almost 3 year old tyrant for quite a while. Tantrums brought to you by “I want the book that’s in the car” and “I want to play downstairs not upstairs.” Why did I insist he be upstairs with me you ask? Because he hasn’t pooped in 2.5 days and I want to see it coming so we can make it to the potty. Oy!

We headed off to daycare and he gave me a huge hug goodbye. When I walked down the driveway I heard Tia say “everyone listen up. No more diapers for Otis!!!!” This was followed by the amazing sound of tiny hands clapping for my boy.

I think this photo that my friend Kate sent me kind of sums up my thoughts at the moment.

The good news is that at this stage of the game I’ve come to accept this rollercoaster as normal. So as I take on Otis’ stubborn streak and weather his wrath when I don’t give him everything he wants, I will hold tight to the accomplishments we’ve already made. I will flash back to the moment last night when I was in our tiny bathroom feeding Lucy her bottle while simultaneously reading Otis a book as he sat on his potty.

Life is good 😊

2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs”

  1. Always in awe of how much you and Brad take on and how well you do it. You’re titans.

    Congrats on the potty milestone, Otis. Once you can tend to your own poop you can do pretty much anything.


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