Dear Lucy- 2 months

Well Luce- you are now a whopping 2 months old! The main change this month is that you have happy awake moments. As a newborn you were either contentedly asleep or awake and crying. You now have delicious moments when you actually seem to enjoy having your eyes open!

You smile a lot now and we aren't just talking fart smiles. You react to the faces and sounds we direct your way. You "talk" back to us and have even snuck in the occasional giggle. It is so precious!

You love to stand. You look a bit like you are trying to hula hoop as you wobble around with us supporting you. You are getting better at tummy time. It's not your favorite activity, but you are now able to lift your head up pretty high. You are definitely a mover and shaker.

You continue to hang out with your brother. Some days he brings you toys and gently pats you. Other days he sneaks in a rough poke or ignores you entirely. I'd call it a love/hate relationship at the moment.

You've gotten better at sleeping, often doing a 5 hour stretch at night in your bassinet. You still sleep on me a lot during the day, but it's quite a relief that you'll sleep on your own at night.

I'm hoping that next month will bring an acceptance of the bottle- you still don't want to consent to that thing. You appear to have a stubborn streak lurking behind your grins.

This month brought your first vacation-Tahoe. Every 2 month old needs a bathing suit and beach time!

It also brought your first festivals- Art and Garden with the Hills and Rivertown Revival with Uncle Toothpaste and Aunt Megan.

You also had your first trip to the grocery store. Ooh! Aah!

You weigh 9 lbs 14 oz and are 21.5 inches tall. You are small, but mighty. Your big eyes and sweet smiles mesmerize all who meet you. I love you so so much!





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