Erharts in Tahoe!

Trips to Tahoe have been an Erhart family  tradition for generations. I started going to Tahoe as an infant. We would stay at the forest service cabin that my grandfather had owned since my dad was in middle school. My sister and I climbed the huge granite rocks, swung on the rope swing, and visited with Chippy- our resident chipmunk (and don’t try to tell me it wasn’t the same chipmunk we saw every year- I like my delusion). In the winter we had the best sled run you could ever imagine. My parents chopped wood to heat the cabin/fuel the wood burning stove, melted snow for water in the winter when the pipes froze, and passed their love of the great outdoors onto us.

Alas, that quaint cabin is no longer in the family, but Tahoe still is. In 1990 my grandmother purchased a condo near Zephyr Cove that is on the lake. She encouraged one and all to make themselves at home there. My parents have kept that tradition alive and I have a plethora of memories of Tahoe trips with various family and friends that span the last 27 years. Tahoe is, without a doubt, my happy place. And now I get to watch my kids fall in love with it!!!!

This past 4th of July the Erhart family gathered in Tahoe and added on to the amazing treasure trove of Tahoe memories.  Was it a relaxing vacation? Hell no!  We had an almost 3 year old and 6 week old with us.  Was it a great time?  Hell yes!  The amazing cast of baby holders and toddler entertainers were life savers.

Baby holders:




Not pictured: Uncle Mike and Aunt Jan.  They also wielded their baby soothing magic.

The toddler entertainers:




All this help meant that there were a few moments when Brad and I were child free!


My sister, Mom and I even snuck out for a pedicure!  And yes- this was exciting enough to take a photo of!



Traditions are being passed on to the next generation!

Looking for golf balls in the lake


And diving for them


Cherry pit spitting competitions.  This was Brad and my first bout and I was awful.  Luckily Brad was pretty decent.


Playing in the Secret Room


Adventures on the sea doo



Cousin bonding was a highlight for sure!






Yup- Tahoe is still my happy place!



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