Summer Lovin’- Had Me a Blast!

In reference to the title of this post- if you ever ask me to karaoke this classic from Grease, I will acquiesce, but only on the condition that I sing the John Travolta parts!

Now I will admit, I have not loved every single moment of this summer (sleepless nights, crying baby, slightly jealous toddler who may be afraid of monsters or who may just want to sleep in my room because he knows his sister is in there), but overall it has been pretty awesome thus far.

The fact that we’ve had tons of help as we’ve transitioned to a family of four is hugely responsible for the fun factor.

My parents stayed with us right after Lucy was born. My dad got up early every morning to entertain Otis and my mom cooked us delicious meals. Also the coolest thing kept happening- I’d put laundry in the washing machine, then totally forget about it, only to find it magically folded in my room later. 😀 The laundry fairy (aka Grandma) has continued to help us out a few days a week and is largely responsible for my relative sanity!



Then Brad’s parents came into town. Grampie made our yard look better than it had in a year and Grammie knit a new hat for Lucy each day (or at least it seemed like that). They even watched both kids so that Brad and I could sneak out on our own for an hour. Priceless!




Uncle Toothpaste and Megan came to visit and wore Otis out (he wore them out too). Aunt Jen sent an awesome care package with something for everyone. And Uncle Tim, Aunt Jane, and cousins Jamie and Andrea sent us a card all the way from Berlin.


This is just the list of immediate family helpers. Gifts for Lucy came in the mail constantly and my friends brought us meals and checked in on us each day to see if we needed anything. You know you have good friends when you don’t think twice before asking them to bring you toilet paper- thanks Tracy!

But enough about our outstanding village of supporters . . . Back to Summer Lovin’- Had Me a Blast. I’ll let the pics do the talking.













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