Dear Lucy- 1 Month

Dear Lucy-

Well kiddo, you have officially been breathing air for one month now and so I shall start the tradition of writing to you as you reach each milestone.  Let me give you an idea of what one month Lucy is like.

First of all, you are a peanut.  While you have steadily gained weight since birth (I think you clock in around 9 lbs right now), you still seem teeny tiny.  You are wearing newborn and 0-3 month clothes and newborn diapers, but I’m guessing by month two that will be a different story.



Just this week you’ve changed from a helpless creature whose head was too heavy for her neck to a more mighty version of yourself.  You hold your head up quite well and if you don’t like where we position you on our bodies, you just move yourself to your preferred location.  This includes inchworming higher up, maneuvering your head to a more comfy locale, and performing a back flip to indicate that you would rather be lying down than slung over our shoulder.



Things you like . . . being held, being pat constantly on your back, being outside, lying on your changing table, and gazing out the window.




Things you don’t like . . . sitting/lying on your own for more than 10 minutes, car rides.


Things you are not sure of . . . the bottle.  We have made two attempts to feed you with a bottle and so far you are lukewarm on the idea.

You are sleeping 3 and 4 hour stretches at night!!  You prefer to sleep on top of me, but seem to be getting more accustomed to sleeping in your bassinet.  We may have to move you to your crib soon because big brother is rather jealous that you get to sleep in mommy’s room and sometimes even in mommy’s bed.  Let’s just say that we’ve had many a night with 4 humans and one dog in our room and that is not working.




We’ve been out and about for a while now.  You’ve already been to happy hour, the county fair, and six flags Discovery Kingdom.  You slept through all of it!


You are bright eyed, starting to smile, and full of coos and grunts.  We simply adore you and can’t wait to get to know you more!












Kindred Spirits

Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables dreamed of meeting “a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my innermost soul.”  In my life experiences thus far, there truly is nothing sweeter than adding another kindred spirt into my “family.”

Today my world has shifted since one of my very best friends is en route to her new house in Washington state, rather than residing one mile down the road from me.  Through my tears I have been finding comfort in the fact that I was lucky to see her almost every day for the last three years and to have her support as we navigated motherhood together and watched our sons become the best of friends.  Jodi Samples- you are the real deal- a kindred spirit for sure!

I met Jodi and Eli when Otis was only 5 weeks old and thus began our morning walk tradition.  You will see Kate, our third musketeer, and her daughter, Allie, in many of these photos.  Our trio is a force to be reckoned with!

We started our walks by wearing our kids and then moved on to the stroller phase.

2014-10-03 10.29.54

2016-02-10 08.42.55

Eventually the walks got shorter and the park times got longer as our munchkins just wanted to get out and play together.

2016-09-08 09.36.58

or stomp in rain puddles


I’ve learned that 2.5 year olds really do have best friends.  Otis plays with a lot of kids, but Eli has always been his favorite, even from the get go.

2014-12-03 11.13.14

2015-06-28 17.29.36

2015-04-13 14.13.34

2015-08-23 13.13.26 HDR

2015-08-17 16.54.52

2015-09-21 11.20.29

Shenanigans ensue whenever these rapscallions get together!

2016-03-14 10.47.57

2015-08-22 17.36.54

2016-09-11 12.04.50

2016-06-18 10.18.39

2016-03-28 14.57.47

I’ve learned that co-parenting is amazing.  Kate and Jodi praise, discipline, and play with Otis right alongside me and vice-versa.



These are two very special trios for sure!


2016-08-19 20.00.55 HDR

As I think about one of my favorite families moving away, I am reminded of wisdom imparted to me by the lovely Michael Henry.  While saying our goodbyes as we left college, a young Becky was certain that we’d visit each other every year and talk on the phone constantly.  A more realistic Michael said “this is how it will go- we will lose touch, but then some circumstance will bring one of us to the place the other lives and we will hang out as if no time was lost at all.”  How true that has been with all of my kindred spirits.  We can not talk for 3 years and then hang out for hours on end and pick up right where we left off.

So yes, Jodi- we will text and video chat, but when life gets hectic and communication is less frequent, we will know that the friendship is still there.  As Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables said “True friends are always together in spirit.”

All our love to KC, Jodi, Eli, and Amelia Samples as they start this next chapter of their lives.  We love you guys!