Lucy is Here!

Miss Lucelia Addison Moore was born today, May 27th, at 6:44am. She weighed in at a teeny tiny 6 pounds, 10 ounces and measures 19.5 inches long.

Lucy’s 6 hour sprint into the world was quite the contrast to Otis’ 22 hour marathon birth.

Thursday night I had contractions and was hopeful that she was making her way out of me only to have them completely subside on Friday. While I was bummed that they stalled out, we thanked Lucy for her forethought- fighting holiday weekend traffic to the hospital could have been a nightmare.

Friday night (Saturday morning really) was a whole different story. Contractions started at 12:30am and were 2.5-3.5 minutes apart from the get go. We quickly called Grandma and Grandpa and they made the middle of the night drive to our house. When they arrived at 3am to stay with Otis we greeted them (an exaggeration as I was hunched over breathing) in the driveway and headed to the hospital.

By the time the midwife checked me, I was 6cm dilated and fully effaced. Woo hoo! By the time they had my IV going and the epidural ordered I was nearing 10 cm. Needless to say the epidural didn’t get much into my system before Lucy’s grand entrance so I “got to” experience it all. To my credit I didn’t curse, but rather went very tribal or as Brad says, grunted like a tennis player. I had to delay pushing a bit to allow the IV antibiotic to be in my system for 2 hours so by the time they gave me the green light to really push she was out in 5 minutes. Amazing!

She came out alert and nursed right away. She had her eyes wide open for over 2 hours checking everything out. She is truly precious and we are very much in love!

Otis woke up to find Grandma and Grandpa instead of mom and dad. When my mom told him Lucy was being born he replied “there’s a truck in the closet!!!” You see, he knew that we had bought him a cool truck to build with Grandpa when we went to the hospital. Te he.

They came to visit and Oats did great! He let Lucy hold his finger, gave her lots of little pats, and said he was going to teach her how to do his puzzle. He was not excited to leave without mom and dad, but when I told him he could have a juice box in the car he said “let’s go!”

We hope to head home tomorrow and start this crazy transition to Family of Four!!!!!






Waiting for Lucy

Lucy’s official due date is one week from today, but if she wants to sneak out a bit early, we are all for it!!! We are ready for her (and I am ready to have her outside of my body).


Maternity leave- CHECK! I’m officially on maternity leave which is a huge relief since it was a big push at the end to get lots of my summer work done ahead of time. I did wear pointe shoes up to 38 weeks, 1 day, but was ready to hang them up for a bit.


Cleanish house- CHECK!  If she doesn’t come early, weird projects will most certainly be tackled. I mean I’ve already labeled the remote controls to ease grandparent tv navigation. What’s next- laundry room reorg?


Baby stuff all set up- CHECK! Otis helped build the rock n play and pump up the tires in the double stroller. Lucy’s got clothes for the next two years folded in the closet thanks to plentiful hand-me-downs from friends. And the car seat is in the car.



Yes, measuring the tire is a key part of this process. You didn’t know that?

39 week Dr. Appointment- CHECK! Yesterday Otis accompanied me to the doctor for a check up. He was amazingly patient since they kept us waiting over an hour! We read magazines and ate snacks and other than calling me a turd burglar (thanks for coining that one Brad), he was on his best behavior. I was so hoping the doctor would say any day now, but sadly her prediction was that Lucy would be late. No!!!!!

So we shall wait and I shall waddle and she shall choose the timing of her grand entrance.

I will leave you with a silly story . . . One night Brad was like “who are you texting?”

I said “Jodi is asking if we want to go halves on a Costco pack of toilet paper cuz they won’t use it all up before they move.  Don’t worry- I said yes. And I’m simultaneously following up with Megan about bananas.”

Weird look on Brad’s face.

“You see I brought snacks for the kids to the park today and I was telling the other moms that I tried to bring the bananas that are nearing the end of their life, but Otis didn’t feel that was a cool enough snack. Megan got excited and said she’d been wanting to make banana bread but didn’t have mushy bananas. So . . . I’m dropping bananas on her porch tomorrow and banana bread will be waiting for us when we get home!”

Brad’s reply- “oh my god- you are so domesticated!”

Fast forward an hour to when a dude comes to pick up the treadmill we are giving away (after letting it gather dust for a few years). Brad goes out to help him load it into his car and comes back in with a stricken look on his face. Eyes downcast, he says solemnly “I just complimented him on his minivan.”

Ha ha ha!