Chocalick!! (Aka Easter 2017)


We had so much fun today watching Otis do his first Easter “treasure hunt.” After we helped him with his first clue, he flew through the other 8. I’d read “the next egg is where Otis cooks pretend food” and he’d yell “its in my BBQ!” Brad and I and my parents loved watching him race from one egg to the next. While the jelly beans and gummies were ok it was the chocolate, or “chocalick” as he calls it, that brought out the big grins. Naturally the last clue lead him to find his Easter basket in the bass drum!


We then headed back upstairs to cook up a scrumptious breakfast. Who says you can’t fit 3.75 people in our kitchen?


Grandma and Grandpa are the most fun playmates! Grandma was the tickle monster and Grandpa was the rough houser.



Rain couldn’t keep us from going outside. We needed to have a bubble extravaganza! Brad was unanimously voted best bubble blower.



All in all, it was a magical day that reminded us all that life is about the little joys. Otis woke up from his nap and said “I had a really good sleep mom. Now I get to eat a jelly bean!!!!”


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