Dear Otis- 2.5 Years Old

Dear Otis-

You are halfway through your second year (well, I’m a month late so technically you are 7/12 through your second year) and the discoveries just keep on coming. Here are some things that you now know without a doubt.

You are entirely sure that you love chocolate and ice cream.


You are equally sure that tools are the best thing ever. Many kids sleep with stuffed animals. You sleep with your hammer! You like to find screws all over the house and use your tools to “twist ’em tight.”


And you know for a fact that friends are the spice life.  When I ask you what you want to do in the morning it usually goes something like this . . . “Play with Eli.” If I find out Eli is unavailable you say “ok Ryland.”  If I say Ryland is at pre-school you say “how ’bout Allie,” and so on and so forth.  On the sad morning when all our buddies are busy you will look at me sadly and say “Mom- I need my friends.”  Lucky for you we are off to daycare mid-morning where you get to play with Diego, Jacob, and Ruby.


Speaking of daycare- it is hard to call it that anymore.  Daycare has become your pre-school.  Tia somehow manages to stimulate infants and toddlers at the same time- the woman has a gift!  Now you go to daycare and have circle time, and show and tell, and you put your backpack in your cubby.  I just love to see how much you learn at Tia’s!


You have absolutely positively decided that making people laugh is one of your favorite things to do.  You will do anything for a laugh and you keep us all in stitches.



The last thing I wanted to mention is that you are already an awesome big brother to Lucy (working title).  You talk about her all the time.  You have thoughtfully put stuffed animals in her crib.  When we left Discovery Kingdom yesterday and I told you we would bring Lucy there this summer you said “Lucy will like all the animals.”  You understand that she is still growing, but that sometime soon she will come out to play and be like baby Amelia.  You practice on Amelia by bringing her toys and by reminding me that certain toys are not ok for her because “they are too poky.”  I know that Baby Sister will be a crazy shock to your system, but I am beyond excited to watch you develop a bond with her!

Well, Pickle, I could ramble on and on about you, but I think these photos say it all.