Silly Otisisms

As Otis rounds the corner towards the ripe ol’ age of 2 and a half, his personality is making itself known. This kid loves to make people giggle. Here are some recent Otis remarks that I’ve been meaning to jot down so I won’t forget them . . .

Dad lets Otis bring in the mail (mostly coupons and catalogues). Otis hands the mail back to Dad and says “Hey Dad. You wanna read some crap?”

Mom: “What did you do at Tia’s (daycare) today?” Otis: “I cleaned Tia’s house.”

Otis bumps his head lightly on the door and says ow. Mom tells him he’s ok. Otis: “I need a new head.” Mom: “I don’t have another head.” Otis as he tugs on his head “I cannot get it off.”

For some reason when Brad and Otis walk down the steps of our house Brad says “ba da bing” on one step and “ba da boom” on the next. Otis has elaborated on this: “ba da bing, ba da poop, ba da mom, ba da socks . . .”

After grimacing and grunting and clearly pushing out a large mass of poop, Otis :”It was just a fart.”

Upon noticing that toys are everywhere and the room is a disaster, Otis: “Somebody made a mess. Whobody did it? Mom: “I think Otis did it.” Otis: “No. It was Eli and Allie!”

I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton, but had to get these onto “paper” before I forgot them. Love the laughs that our family shares!