Thanksgiving/It’s Xmas Time!!!!

Thanksgiving to me is always a life saving 5 days off work to rejuvenate from the long rehearsal hours of Nutcracker and re-charge for the two 60 hour work weeks ahead to get the production on stage. This break is always dedicated to RELAXING family time and . . . . . as much holiday cheer as I can manage to cram in. Not to brag, but this may just have been my best Thanksgiving vacation ever!

We started it off with the holiday it is named after. Greg and Megan (more commonly referred to as Uncle Toothpaste and Aunt Megan) came up to spend two nights with us. Oh and they brought a turkey, and a pot of brine, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie. Best guests ever? Yes! I fell asleep on Wednesday night to the sounds of Megan brining the turkey. Now, lest you get the wrong idea, I did contribute by making the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and apple pie. All in all, it was a scrumptious meal that didn’t bring any stress to our home. And the company was divine! Perfection!

The turkey chef
Dancing along to the Macy’s Parade



On Friday we meandered downtown to join in a peace rally that the good folks of Petaluma were putting on.  Not a protest, just a chance for people to gather and show their support for anyone that may be feeling discriminated against in this phase of America’s life. It was beautiful to see 500 people gathered to show that there is still so much good in this world.  Otis helped me make our sign.


On Saturday we again took to the stroller, but this time to head to the river to see Santa arrive by riverboat!  Pre-vacation Otis didn’t have a clue who Santa Claus was.  I am proud to declare that after the last 5 days of my brain washing, he is a huge Santa fan!!!





Later in the day we decorated the inside of the house for Christmas.  It was a family affair.  My favorite moment was watching Otis put tiny ornaments on the tiny trees that my sister and I used to excitedly decorate each year of our youth.  It was enchanting to watch him patiently place the ornaments.



On Sunday we got the outside of the house decorated.  Brad was on the ladder while Otis and I bossed him around.  He did excellent work.


And today I hosted a Holiday Craft Play Date. We had 10 toddlers and 2 infants over.  The idea was to make wrapping paper.  Here is what I was going for.


The end result- zero wrapping paper art was created (unless you count Jodi and I sticking 2 month old Amelia’s feet in a stamp pad).  Te he!


However, it was the most fun 2 hours!  The kids danced all over the paper, stamped here and there, stickered each others’ clothes, and had a blast.  Oh and they devoured the fruit and muffins we had prepared.  I just kept looking around my house and pinching myself that our family has such a great group of friends.




And as if I wasn’t already on a high from the last 5 days- Otis topped off my delight tonight.  He had not yet seen the outside xmas lights in the dark and when he saw them this evening he exclaimed “Wow.  Beautiful mommy!  It’s magical!”  Yup- my dreams are coming true!