The Birth of Amelia Lee Samples

I was lucky enough to meet Miss Amelia Lee Samples when she was less than 30 minutes old and was completely honored when her mom, my very best bud Jodi, asked me to write up her birth story.  I hope I do it justice . . . .


Dear Amelia,

This is the story of how you sprinted into this world.  One minute your mom was bouncing on trampolines with you safely in her belly (at gymnastics with your big bro).  The next minute you were leaping out of her belly and into her arms and a whole slew of people’s hearts!

First of all, you need to know that your parents were super heros.  Your mom had her first contraction Saturday, September 10th at 10:30am while picking up donuts after gymnastics.  I should remind you that you were not due to come out until September 24th, but clearly you had other plans.  I got a text from your mom at 1:22pm that said “I believe we are going to have a baby sooner rather than later.”  I figured you might be born by midnight and was excited that big brother Eli could come have a slumber party with Otis.  A few hours later your mom called to tell me they were heading to the hospital.  I left work and drove to the hospital to pick Eli up.  I expected your Dad to hand Eli over to me since your mom would be in labor.

To my surprise, when I told the nurses who I was your mom overheard and told me to come in her room.  Was she relaxing with her epidural?  Nope.  Was she breathing through contractions?  Nope.  She was nursing you!

So here’s the exciting part that I had to learn about later.  Apparently when your dad starting driving your mom to the hospital around 3:25pm you decided you needed to come out right then.  It didn’t help that they hit every red light along the way.  You just could not wait the last mile to the hospital.  So your dad pulled over, called 911 and ran over to your mom’s side of the car prepared to catch you as you somersaulted out.  Remember when I said he was a super hero?  Yup!  Luckily the ambulance arrived and got your mom inside and then raced to the hospital.  You slid out in the ambulance at 4:00pm somewhere between Corona Drive and McDowell Blvd, mere blocks from the hospital.  Paramedics Brett and Justin delivered you.  Crazy, right?  Wait . . .  it gets crazier.  You slid out in your amniotic sac.  From my extensive research (wikipedia) it would appear that this only happens to every 1 in 80,000 babies.  When I got to the hospital the doctor was still geeking out about this.  She thought it was so amazing that you were born in the sac.  This was extra important because it kept you sanitized as you came out, since your mom clearly had not had time to receive the Strep B antibiotic they were planning to give her.  The sac ruptured once you were born and there you were- safe and sound.  Did I mention that your mom birthed you without any pain relief?  Yup- she is definitely super hero material!

So, let’s re-cap.  Most babies are born in hospitals.  You were born in an ambulance.  Most babies shed their amniotic sac before birth.  You decided to keep yours on.  You, Miss Amelia, began your journey on earth by defying all odds.  I can only guess that these will be only the first of many odds that you will defy.  With a family of super heros like yours, you are destined for an exciting, wild, and unique ride.

I’m glad I’ll get to watch some of the ride.


Becky (soon to be known to you as Otis’ Mom)

Big brother, Eli, already adores you
Eli and Otis up to no good, while you wait to break out of the hospital with Mom and Dad
Your “midwives”