Toddlers Take Tahoe

What’s better than one toddler in Tahoe?  THREE toddlers in Tahoe!  Add to this that, one of them (Otis) is celebrating his second birthday and now we’ve got a party.  Some might say that two is a bit young for a destination co-ed birthday slumber party, but I strongly disagree.

Now Allison, Elijah, and Otis Tucker are no strangers to the Pinewild Tahoe experience, having already vacationed there together last August.  But oh what a difference a year makes.  Here are a few then and now pictures to further illustrate that point.

Otis barely fits in the stroller now.

Allie’s already busy texting 🙂

They are still best buddies!

The hair styles are much more sophisticated.

“Becky- enough with these posed photos already!”

We couldn’t get them to stay still long enough to re-create this one. Oh and Otis can stand on his own now!

One thing hasn’t changed- both mamas and kiddos are still best buddies and know how to rock a Tahoe vacation.



The Secret Room (a storage room that my grandma converted into the best playroom ever) was well used and no one seemed to mind the dial TV and ancient VCR.


Although sometimes naughty boys snuck out of the Secret Room while their moms were washing dishes.  How they made it downstairs and into the shower in under 3 minutes will forever remain a mystery.


Racing from the Secret Room to the deck and back became a favorite past-time.  Allie was always the leader with Otis bringing up the rear.  Shocker- not!


Sometimes we enjoyed a stroll around the complex.



Sometimes we just took in the view from the condo.  Now those windows finally make sense!


Another question answered: Why is there a bear on the landing?  To hug of course!


Oh and Allie and Otis enjoyed waking Eli up from his nap each day.


The hands-down highlight for all was the beach and the water!  Everyone loved it out there, but not everyone enjoyed it in the same way . . . .

Allie and Eli SWAM!  I am talking the run into the lake without hesitation, kick around, and go nuts kind of swimming.


Otis preferred a more relaxed approach to the beach.  While he was happy to go in the lake if I was holding him, he was partial to his “tiny tub.”


Sand reigned supreme!


And boat rides were a must!


All in all, it was a week that I will treasure always.  It created a stash of memories that brought back childhoods with my grandma and family.  It made me grateful for all of the friendships I have in my life right now.  It brought eager anticipation for the wonderful times ahead of us.  It was cleansing, invigorating, and magical!

And, not to brag, but after cleaning up the condo whilst the toddlers did their best to undo our efforts, we even managed to get three 2 year olds to sit still at Tahoe Pizza Company on the way home.  Winning!


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