Dear Otis- 22 Months

Dear Otis-

I was planning to do my next dear Otis post when you turned 2, but your noggin’ has been growing so much lately that I am doubting I could fit everything into one post.  So I shall start with a 22 month post.

Talking, talking, talking sums up the past 4 months.  You are simply devouring the human language.  The first big, earth shattering linguistic discovery you made was that you were “Otie” and I was “Mama” and dad was “Dada.”  You could add one of those names to any of the single words you knew and suddenly control us.  You’d say “Mama- drink,” and I’d take a sip. Then you’d say “Dada- drink,” and he’d obey and then you’d say “Otie -drink,” before you took a sip.

You are always fair. At bedtime you follow the same formula and give kisses to Mama, Dada, Lani, and Otie. You never forget to include yourself. Once you even high-fived yourself which gave us a good chuckle.


You run a tight ship these days. You don’t like dad or I to be on our phones. We hear a lot of “no phone” from you. Today when I told you it was time to leave the park you obliged and I picked you up and we set off. On the way to the car, I ran into a friend and stopped to chat. You said “mama- no talk.” Last week we took Lani to petco for a bath and when we went to collect her, you said to me “mama-bag?” Sure enough I had left my purse in the car so we went back to grab it. Not much gets by you these days!


You really understand things now and it is so nice to be able to explain things to you like “Mama is going to sleep in her bed tonight, not on your floor. Otie is gonna be a big boy in his room by himself.” You actually comprehend all of that and you actually sleep unassisted these days. Hallelujah!

Have I mentioned sentences? Holy conversation Batman! You’ve made my jaw drop dozens of times in the last week with your coherent babbling. I took off my jacket one day and you said “Mama, I like your shirt.” We were listening to the radio and you said “I like this song” (don’t tell Brad that it was Maroon 5). These things are spilling out of your mouth unprompted. You’ll repeat anything, which is impressive, but these fully formed thoughts that you create entirely on your own completely amaze me.


I have to say, all of this thought has led to some pretty irrational, tantrum-inducing demands. “No like Lani couch.” Um . . . Lani is always on the couch, but one day you simply couldn’t tolerate her being there. Long story short . . . full fledged kicking, screaming tantrum because I chose not to make Lani vacate said couch. One of your favorite vocabulary acquisitions for these rage infused scenarios is “Damn it!” You use it in context and deliver it forcefully, much to our chagrine. Your dad brilliantly tried to teach you to say dagnabit instead. How’d that pan out? Somehow you translated that to “damn maggot.” Ah the lessons we learn in parenthood!

I live with a toddler

Drama aside, you keep us on our toes and smiling. You love to sing.  Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, and the ABCs are current favorites. One day in the car you even started singing along to Naughty by Nature- “hey, ho, hey, ho.” You help us read books, reciting your favorite lines. You take care of the garden with your dad and help clean up your toys. You play hide and go seek and ride us piggy back around the house. You think you know how to tickle us back. You spot every tractor we pass when driving. You love to go swimming. You just plain love life and all that you are learning about it.

Every night when I put you to bed you melt my heart. We read stories and after I turn out the light you give me a big hug and say “love you.” Pure magic!

I love you too Oatamagoats!






3 thoughts on “Dear Otis- 22 Months”

  1. Congratulations, you are raising a complete human being! And what a cute one, too. Helps a bit, when the temper tantrum makes it hard to hear your own thoughts!


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