21 hours

Brad and I are loving parenthood and we get so much joy out of Otis and his antics.

That said . . . the 21 hours of toddler free time that we were granted this weekend was epic.

Sometimes you want to go to the bathroom by yourself without reminding a tiny person that “mommy needs her privacy.” Sometimes you want to sip your coffee while SITTING DOWN. Coffee just isn’t as scrumptious while you are responding to demands for cereal or a different spoon or a still different spoon. Sometimes you want to be the one to decide when you get out of bed in the morning. ¬†Sometimes you want to snap artsy pictures of menus with leafy lighting because you’ve actually had a chance to appreciate an amazing setting because you aren’t busy reminding a cute curly headed child that we need to use our words instead of screaming and that if you throw crayons on the floor they stay on the floor and yes I know this is a run-on sentence but I don’t care cuz look at my artsy photo.


Now if you can add to all of that a chance to see your husband play sea shanties . . .


And a chance to savor wine on a patio with a decadent view . . . well you’ve just had a fantastic 21 hours!


And what, pray tell, was Oats up to, why wearing out his grandparents of course!





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