Quite the week!

We are going to gloss over the fact that both Brad and I had the stomach flu and Otis’ newest word is “puke” (although thankfully he did not get the flu), and instead highlight all the crazy fun we had this past week.

The week started out with a visit from the Moore family. Even Uncle Tim was in town all the way from Australia. Otis had so many playmates! He let Grammie hold his hand (an honor he often refuses his parents). He flew paper airplanes with Grampie. He dunked baskets with Uncle Tim. And Uncle Greg and Aunt Megan asked him to be ring bearer at their wedding!



Next on on the social calendar was a quick trip to San Ramon. Gramps volunteered to watch Otis so that Grandma and I could go see San Francisco Ballet perform. There was music and park time and the ballet was incredible, especially a new work called In the Countenance of Kings by Justin Peck.

Next came the birthday party portion of the weekend. I forgot to snap photos but Otis got to bounce around in 3 bounce houses at Allie’s 2nd bday (and go down slides like the one pictured below). He was a daredevil and it was great fun to hang out with our community of friends. Otis’ daycare providers, Tia and Carlos were even there. Then we got some backyard fun, complete with sand and water table, at Abby’s first bday. Such a blast!


The last hoorah of the week was a trip to Train Town in Sonoma. We rode the train to the miniature town, went up and down on horses on the carousel, and went on the scrambler. That thing is no joke. The ride ended and Brad and I were feeling quite scrambled while Otis was asking for more. I think we have a future roller coaster aficionado on our hands.


What made this week seem extra special was that it highlighted the amazing support community we have. From the Grammies and Grandmas (Otis doesn’t differentiate between Gandma and Grandpa) to the Uncles and Aunts- our family is just plain ol’ fun to be around. From Tia and Carlos to our many Petaluma friends- we never feel alone and Otis is always looked out for. I am just so happy to be in this place at this time!



Otis’ new favorite obsession is balls! Ok- get your mind out of the gutter. While his hands certainly roam during diaper changes, I am talking about sports balls.

Tennis balls, bouncy balls, basketballs, soccer balls . . . He loves them all. He throws them quite well, is hit or miss with kicking, and is still figuring out catching. When you ask him if he’s ready to catch it he says “reaby.” This usually means he is not ready at all, so then we say “hands together” and he sticks his little hands out. If the throw is spot on, a catch is made.

Here are some highlights from his early sporting days.