Halloween, Walking, & Besos

Yikes! It’s almost Thanksgiving and I just realized I haven’t even posted about Halloween. Here you go . . .

Dear Otis Random Post-

I’m gonna start this post with a wee bit of bragging- I made you a super awesome Halloween costume this year. You went as Elf and with my glue gun skills and your blonde curls we nailed it! You attended 1 Halloween play date, 1 Halloween party (what’s the difference between play date and party?- alcohol for the grown ups), trick or treated at one house, and had Grammie and Grampie visiting. Not bad for your second Halloween.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you started walking the day after Halloween. You love an audience so naturally you chose to take your first steps when Mom, Dad, Grammie, Grampie, Uncle Greg, and Aunt Megan were all there to witness it and cheer you on. You haven’t looked back and love exploring on those two little feet of yours. Feel free to skip a few of these videos. I couldn’t choose between them 😀

Another thing you love right now is giving besos. Tia has taught you to give little kisses (besos) on people’s cheeks and you are melting hearts left and right. This came at a very opportune time because this past month I finished weaning you. It was an emotional experience and having you say “mwah” and kiss my cheek was the perfect counter to the hours of screaming while I refused to nurse you. Thanks for not holding a grudge.

Halloween, walking, besos, forts, ball pits, giggles, new words (up, cheese, mas, shoe), and sleeping through the night . . . . I am thankful for all of it! What a fantastic family I have!