Dear Otis- 14 Months-ish

Dear Otis,

Hey baba ghanoush. I kind of thought that I would only write to you once a year after your first birthday, but too much has happened in the last two months to not record it.  Your dad and I feel like you’ve really blossomed in months 13 and 14!

At your birthday you were barely crawling. In the last two months you’ve become a speed demon on all fours and you’ve also ventured into the world of standing. You love to climb on us and you walk holding on to your bat-mobile, furniture, or holding someone’s hands.

You can even walk one handed. Twice I’ve seen you take two steps without holding onto anything. I’m fairly certain that you could just let go and take a lap, but you seem content to play it safe for now. We’ve embraced the fact that you’ll do it on your own time you lazy monkey.

image  image

You also talk now! You love to mimic sounds, and words are now attached to meanings. You have the funniest way of saying things! You say “bye” with a southern drawl. You say “hi,” but only in a breathy, whispery way. You say “ball” like you were raised on Long Island. You say “mmooo” whenever you see a farm animal. And you say “uh oh” curtailing the oh in the cutest way.

You understand a lot more than you can verbalize. If I ask you to get my shoe, you’ll do it.  When I say “no” you shake your head and definitely know what I mean (even if you choose to ignore it and force me to physically remove you from the naughtiness). If I ask for a hug you come and put your head in my lap.

Life with you is so much more interactive now. It’s not just your dad and I being goofballs. You goof right back at us and anyone else who will come play.

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You are very much a part of choosing which book we read these days. Favorites right now include “Going on a Bear Hunt,” “Moo,” and “I Want My Hat Back.” Your dad does a funny panting noise when the bear is chasing the rabbit to get his hat back and you can’t get enough of it. You want your dad to read that book over and over again and you flip ahead to the correct page and start panting. You are quite obsessed with it.

Other obsessions include drumming on tables (well every surface really), knocking over anything we stack, and putting things inside of other things. You like to put your blocks through the right shape on the lid. You like to put your balls in the eggs. You like to put things under the couch. You are very fascinated with what will fit into what.


You are eating up a storm. Good thing you have so many teeth. You have all 8 front teeth and 3 molars have poked through. Right now your favorite food is raspberries. You are starting to use utensils which is super fun and ridiculously messy. So far you are pretty ambidextrous. Not sure if you are right or left handed yet.

You are constantly cracking us up. You are such a smiley, laughing baby and you love to be the cause of other people’s laughter.

image  image

You are always looking around to see if we are amused by you and we usually are. You are so much fun to be around that it’s tough to go to work. On Saturdays (aka Daddy and Otis Mess Around Day) you watch me leave from the window and it takes all my will power to actually back out of the driveway.


I love you so much!!!!