Brad, Schmoats, and I got to spend Labor Day weekend in San Diego with the Candelario clan. My folks were flying down for the weekend so we decided to hitch a ride in my dad’s plane for some good ol’ Erhart family fun. It was time for Otis to meet his 4 month old cousin, Mateo.

The flight to San Diego in my dad’s plane is about 3 hours long and with 4 adults, a baby, car seat, luggage, etc it was a wee bit tight. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that you can’t stand in his plane much less walk about. We are very grateful for the awesome ride, but let’s just say we’ll think twice before attempting that with a crawling baby again. Otis was not a fan.

imageimage image

But who cares?!?! The end result is that we got to get the cousins together and that was so worth it!

image image

They even got to have a play date in the pool!

image image

And one at the park.

image image

Don’t let the failed attempt at a photo shoot fool you . . . . the two kiddos actually had a lot of fun!

image  image image image image

Otis thought Aunt Jen was the coolest!


And on the third day Otis finally decided to interact with cousin Matty. 😀

image  image image

Hooray for family!

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