Dear Otis- 10 Months

Dear Otis,

Last Friday you turned 10 months old, and for the first time ever I didn’t get a blog post up on time to commemorate that milestone.  Well, better late than never.  I must assure you that my tardiness is not in any way due to a lack of enthusiasm over this last month, but quite to the contrary.  You become more fun to play with each and every month!

This month a huge development was that you starting actually using your toys for their intended purposes, rather than solely chewing on them, banging them together, and throwing them.  Take this xylophone contraption.  Not only can you play a mean tune, but you consistently place the little red ball in the hole in the top.  And, not to brag, but you’ve also figured out that a whole host of your other toys fit in that hole and slide down the xylophone to make a super fun sound.


You’ve also started to tolerate books.  It is still hard to read a story, because you love to turn the pages and often do so before I’ve finished reading.  You have a book called Giggle that is your favorite because when you press the button you hear a baby giggle.  This was your very first book ever, given to you by Grandma before you were even born, so I love that it is your current favorite.

Another favorite activity of yours is sharing.  You like to give us things and then take them back and then give them to us and then take them back.  Multiply that by 10.  You also love to share your food.  Poor dad- you keep trying to get him to eat breast milk and beef, 2 items that are not in his diet.


You are still not super interested in crawling or pulling up, despite your Grammie’s best efforts.  She sent you this sweet walker but you prefer it as a stander.  At least it provides a safe haven for fun with bubbles.


You were supposed to get your hair cut a few weekends ago, but a stomach bug sabotaged that plan.  You spent a few days vomiting on Mommy instead.  I felt so bad for you, but every time you managed to throw up you were instantly happy.  But, I digress- back to the haircut.  We have tried a few “styles” and now just need to do a little trim so it stays out of your eyes.


Speaking of curly headed dudes, check out your Dad as a little guy.


This month you became a swimmer. You’ve been in two swimming pools and bath time is your favorite activity. I think you’d stay in the water forever if I let you. You splash and kick and don’t mind when I pour water over your head. We’ll have you swimming butterfly in no time!


Well, my friend, I am going to keep this short so that I am not even tardier in posting it.  I absolutely cherish every minute I spend with you.  You become more charming and charismatic each month and I am completely enthralled with watching you learn and play and explore.  I love you so much!



P.S. Here are some other favorite pictures from this month.