A Very Special Mother’s Day

How cool is it that my sister, Jen, and I are both celebrating our first Mother’s Day this year? Answer: ridiculously cool!


Her son Mateo was born on April 27th and is such a cutie. Otis and I flew to San Diego last weekend to meet him. Unfortunately Mateo had to hang out in the NICU for a bit and they don’t allow kids to visit NICU patients. This means that I got to spend lots of quality time with Mateo in his hospital room, but Otis had to hang out in the waiting room with Grandma and Gramps.


Lucky for us, Otis loved chilling at the hospital. There were lots of people to play with, many of whom knew his name after 4 days. Plus Grandma, Gramps, Aunt Jen, Cousin Cesilie, and Cousin Logan were super entertaining. However, it was Uncle Mike that was the clear favorite. All he had to do was walk in the room and Otis would flash his pearly whites (all 6 of them!).



As my Uncle Kerry would say, Otis was a real tramp (that’s when you can’t decide between trooper and champ). I let him nap at the apartment in the mornings but then he pretty much hung out at the hospital for 5-6 hours. Someone would walk him around until he fell asleep and had his afternoon nap on the go.



Napping is contagious
Napping is contagious

And then there were a couple of dinners that kept him up past his bedtime, but he rolled with it and provided good cheer for all.

Mateo is finally home and while I’m sad I had to leave before he got sprung from the NICU (or Nicky U as my dad calls it), I am so happy that he is home and healthy!!!


And while we didn’t get the cousin shot with Otis and Mateo, we do have these matching outfit shots. Gotta love hand-me-downs!

Otis August 2014
Otis August 2014
Mateo May 2015
Mateo May 2015

P.S. I love you mom!!!  You are a great grandma to Otis, Mateo, Ces, and Lo.  You are an amazing mother to Jen and I.  And you are a champion photobomber!


3 thoughts on “A Very Special Mother’s Day”

  1. We love your blogs Becky, your quotes are great….And love the pictures….you will have to hide the phone when he grows up with all the girls chasing him…Gramps and Betty (Baba)

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  2. Yay for cousins and for naps in the Ergo. Also, going to incorporate tramp into my vocab…not sure how well it will go over at work, but that’s half the fun!


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