Dear Otis- 8 Months

Dear Otis,

Today you reached the 8 month mark, and your dad and I find ourselves reminiscing about your first few days of life. Our good friends experienced the birth of their first child this week and it sparked tons of amazing memories about your birth. We looked back at photos and were shocked to see how different you looked then. We’ve decided that it wasn’t until you were about three months old that you started looking like the 8 month old Otis we know today.

Newborn Otis
3 month Otis
8 month Otis
8 month Otis

This month was very exciting. Exciting for us because you started sleeping much better! It took a few nights of letting you scream but now you sleep for 7 hours straight, then 3 hours, then 2 hours. Not perfect but we’ll take it! In “teaching” you to sleep we discovered just how stubborn you are and learned that it will be our job as parents to help you manage that temperament, turn it into a strength, and make you understand that no matter how stubborn you are, you still won’t always get your way. It was pretty awful letting you cry and seeing your anger, but it was a learning experience for us, showing us that we have to do what’s best for you, even if it pisses you off (and it did)! By the way, you are also sleeping without being swaddled. You roll onto your tummy and seem perfectly cozy.


This month was exciting for you because you mastered sitting up! Now you can see the world from a whole new perspective and play with your toys in a totally new capacity. We are loving this phase where we can plunk you down on the floor and watch you entertain yourself. We are also loving that you are now sturdy enough for a restaurant high chair as we like to take you out to dinner once a week.


Speaking of dinner, you finally decided to like food. You eat a pureed/mushy meal twice a day without a fight. Your current favorites are cottage cheese, prunes, and pinto beans.


Current divertissements of choice are dancing while your dad plays the drums, clicking your tongue, and talking to yourself in the mirror while in your car seat. You also are starting to interact with the other kids at daycare and in our play group which is super fun for us to watch.


This month you got your second tooth (the other bottom middle one) and started taking real baths. You sit in your blow up ducky bathtub and splash and play with toys. I think that’s my favorite activity to do with you right now. Bathtub has become really fun!

IMG_2569 IMG_2571

A less favorite activity is pulling my hair and earrings. We’ve introduced the word “no” because your hands are now rather adept at grabbing everything, especially things they shouldn’t grab. I wouldn’t say that you understand what “no”means yet since we can go many many rounds of you grabbing my earring, me saying “no” and taking your hand away, you grabbing my earring and on and on. I’m just trusting that repetition and consistency will pay off.

Your smile continues to win everyone over- grocery store clerks, waitresses, random people on the street, and especially your dad and I. Your pure joy is contagious and reminds us just how awesome life is. I love you so much Mr. Oats!



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