Adventures in Food

It’s definitely time for Mr. Oats to start consuming more than beverage de booby. For the last month we’ve been trying a variety of pureed fruits and veggies with him. While he appeared to tolerate sweet potatoes, prunes, and carrots, he spent the last two weeks on a food strike. Anytime a spoon appeared he set his jaw and clamped his lips shut. Sure, I could jam a little food in when he opened his mouth to cry, but overall we were striking out.

Enter a little sleuthing on the world wide web and a realization that I own a book called Baby Lead Weaning, thanks to my friend Sarah’s recommendation when I was pregnant.  And now we are going a whole different route with food.

Now our little control freak (Becky ended up with a control freak for a kid, what?!?!) gets to be in charge of what goes in his mouth. Twice a day we load him in his high chair and place an array of gnaw-able objects on his tray and he gets to play. I say play, because there is not a lot of swallowing so far. This new practice is hilarious, entertaining, and absurdly messy. Who knows if this will work, but it’s worth a try. And Lani is certainly enjoying the debris from it.

Sweet potato
Cheese quesadilla, his favorite so far
Have you met my banana gun?
Chicken sticks are gross, I think we can all agree on that one
Broccoli, surprisingly messy
Conducting con asparagus
He looks excited about asparagus here but that’s a camera trick

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