Dear Otis 7 Months

Dear Otis,

Let’s be honest- you are getting old. I mean, your dad and I keep looking at you and saying “that’s not a baby, that’s a boy!” It is astonishing how much you have grown up already.


For starters, you now have very clear opinions on things. You will contentedly chew on a steamed carrot or quesadilla (insert any food item), but as soon as the tiniest piece breaks off in your mouth you sputter, cough, make faces, and generally make it ridiculously clear that you only ever plan to swallow breast milk.  We read you loud and clear, but we will win this battle.


You let us know how much you love to be jostled about with huge grins and tiny giggles when you are tossed in the air and when you ride the horsey (our knees). You communicate with us very well without words.

Your dad text me this photo with the caption "Please dadda, may I have another horsey ride.  And get those f'n avocados out of my cheez whiz."
Your dad text me this photo with the caption “Please dadda, may I have another horsey ride. And get those f’n avocados out of my cheez whiz.”

That said, words have begun creeping into your babble. I wouldn’t say you’ve had a first word yet because they are random and not attached to any meaning, but you do say mama, dada, baba, Allah, and bob. Bob is my favorite.

Your movements are now more deliberate. You roll over when you want to, instead of accidentally. I think you knew this blog post was coming because just this week you started rolling from your back to your tummy. You definitely snuck that in under the 7th month wire. It’s so much fun to watch you roly poly around!


You are also “sitting up.” The quotations are there because there are conditions:

1. Someone must put you in said sitting position and get you balanced perfectly.

2. You only last between 2 and 30 seconds before toppling over, depending on how soon you decide to reach for a toy that’s far away.

The good news is that you don’t mind falling down.


This month you’ve also started to mimic us. When dad makes clucking noises, you make clucking noises. When mom bangs blocks together to make a noise, you do the same. So much fun!


Our goal for this coming month is to get you to sleep without the swaddle, or at least with your arms out. Darn those crazy arms of yours. When we leave them unswaddled they invariably wake you up. I’ll tame those beasts yet!


Well, little dude- month 7 has been incredible.  You just keep getting more awesome to hang out with. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. I love you so much!


P.S. I almost forgot . . . you got your first tooth this month and you didn’t even let it bother you.


Mom and Otis Take the Bay

Otis and I had quite the busy social calendar today. We left the house at 9:30am, got back at 7pm, and made stops in Walnut Creek, San Ramon, and San Francisco.

Stop #1 was a visit to Sarah, Neil, and newly 2 year old Ollie in the W.C. Both boys happened to be wearing super hero apparel. Perfect! Ollie will greet a baby sister this July so I like to think not landing on, not crashing into, and not running his firetruck over Otis was good prep. He joined Otis for tummy time, gave him a kiss, and lead him in some toe grabbing fun!

image image FullSizeRender 5

Stop #2 was a visit at Grandma and Gramps. Somehow Gramps managed to get Otis to eat tangerine and Grandma got him to sit through a whole book reading. Magic! He was pretty tuckered out after all that and was asleep in his car seat before I pulled out of the driveway.

FullSizeRender (10) FullSizeRender (9)FullSizeRender (11)

Stop #3 was an open rehearsal for Amy Seiwert’s Imagery in S.F.  Every 6 month old likes to take in an hour of dance.  This was an amazing opportunity to see my old Cincinnati roommate, Jen Drake.  So lovely to see her dance and grab a glass of wine with her afterwards.  And yes, every 6 month old loves going to a bar in the Mission District.

IMG_2263 IMG_2264IMG_2262

Home in time to see Dad and Lani before Otis passed out for the night.  All in all a pretty cool Sunday!

P.S. Fingers crossed- we are trying one arm out of the swaddle tonight.  2 hours in and not a peep.  Could this be the answer to our sleep problems?!?!

Adventures in Food

It’s definitely time for Mr. Oats to start consuming more than beverage de booby. For the last month we’ve been trying a variety of pureed fruits and veggies with him. While he appeared to tolerate sweet potatoes, prunes, and carrots, he spent the last two weeks on a food strike. Anytime a spoon appeared he set his jaw and clamped his lips shut. Sure, I could jam a little food in when he opened his mouth to cry, but overall we were striking out.

Enter a little sleuthing on the world wide web and a realization that I own a book called Baby Lead Weaning, thanks to my friend Sarah’s recommendation when I was pregnant.  And now we are going a whole different route with food.

Now our little control freak (Becky ended up with a control freak for a kid, what?!?!) gets to be in charge of what goes in his mouth. Twice a day we load him in his high chair and place an array of gnaw-able objects on his tray and he gets to play. I say play, because there is not a lot of swallowing so far. This new practice is hilarious, entertaining, and absurdly messy. Who knows if this will work, but it’s worth a try. And Lani is certainly enjoying the debris from it.

Sweet potato
Cheese quesadilla, his favorite so far
Have you met my banana gun?
Chicken sticks are gross, I think we can all agree on that one
Broccoli, surprisingly messy
Conducting con asparagus
He looks excited about asparagus here but that’s a camera trick