Back to Work

This past week marked a huge change for Breckis (or BOB- you can choose your fave name for our trio). I went back to work after my 5 month maternity leave.

Our new schedule is as follows:

Monday- Brad leaves for work at 5:45am, returns at 6pm. Becky is off work and hangs out with Oats all day.

Tuesday-Friday- Brad leaves at 5:45am for work, goes straight from work to pick Otis up at daycare at 5pm, chills with Oats, gives him a bottle, and puts him to bed around 7pm. Becky- gets Otis time in the morning (he usually wakes up around 6:30), drops him off at daycare at 10:45am, goes to work, gets home at 8pm.

Saturday- Becky leaves for work at 8am and gets back at 5pm. Brad has a full day with Mr. Otis.

Sunday- Breckis/BOB is reunited as a trio and gets to spend the whole day together. Sundays = THE BEST!

Phew! Let’s just say that Otis is adjusting better than Brad and I. He has an awesome daycare where he appears to be thriving. He’s eating a ton (I am pumping around the clock), napping well, learning Spanish, and making friends. His daycare provider, Tia, sends me pictures of him while I’m at work (see below) and has him carry around one of my sweaters that smells like me. I have my teary moments but I know he is in great hands. Getting back to work is a huge change but I love being back in the ballet studio with my big kids (10-12 year olds).

Brad has become Dad Extrodinaire, not that he wasn’t already, but now he is a real American Hero! All in all I am very proud of our family. It is gonna take a while to find our stride, but we are making a valiant effort and staying positive!

image image image image

3 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. It was so great being with you all and finally meeting that wonderful Otis. He is so cute and the best calm personality. I know how hard it was for me to go back to work. Love, Betty & Gramps


  2. Oh, Breckis, we feel for you! But you will see how much little Otis will love the company of peers 😊
    Your schedule sounds quite ambitious and must be tiring but that gorgeous smile makes it all worthwhile, no?!
    The daycare looks lovely – looks a bit more spacious and then the Manhattan version. I love that Otis is schlepping your sweater around – adorable!!!!


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