I think that Brad sums up my love affair with Christmas when he says that Christmas is my hobby.  It really is!  The day after Thanksgiving the 4 giant bins come out of the shed, Christmas music goes on, and the house decorating begins.  That is one of my favorite days of the year.  We decorate, bake, and watch Christmas movies throughout the month of December.  Add to that the fact that this Christmas we had an Otis in tow and you get BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

Here are a few snapshots of our 2014 decorations.

FullSizeRender (1) P1000430

We were surrounded by family.  My parents spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with us.  We skyped Brad’s family (3 way skype call: Australia, Petaluma, Virginia) and facetimed my sister’s family (San Diego).  The poor USPS and UPS men were kept busy delivering presents addressed to Otis.  That kid made out like a bandit!

Brad and I didn’t do too shabby ourselves.  Santa’s sleigh was my dad’s suburban.  I told him a month ago that I was thinking of getting Brad a planter box and he volunteered to make them.  Here are some photos of the planter boxes and “sleigh.”  Under the planter boxes the trailer is filled with dirt and rocks.  Looks like Brad will be feeding us this spring with lots of fresh produce.  Brad got me a gift certificate to go horseback riding.  I am so super excited to use it!!!  I used to love horseback riding as a kid and have been itching to get back in the saddle.  I get to go to Pt. Reyes to ride which will be absolutely gorgeous.


It was a magical day that lived up to my super high expectations.  The gifts given were so thoughtful.  The house was filled with laughter and the smells of yummy food.  And Otis put up with wearing multiple Christmas outfits.  Merry Christmas to All!

Wrapping paper is fun!
Wrapping paper is fun!
Good times with Gramps!
Good times with Gramps!
Lani claimed Otis' fozzi bear from Uncle Toothpaste.
Lani claimed Otis’ fozzi bear from Uncle Toothpaste.
I like Christmas!
I like Christmas!
Grandma got me a chair so I can sit up like the big kids.
Grandma got me a chair so I can sit up like the big kids.
Look, mom tried to embroider stockings.
Look, mom tried to embroider stockings.

One thought on “Christmas!!!!!”

  1. So glad your Christmas was wonderful! Appreciated the Skype—an intercontinental family gathering!

    Love the planters Jeff made—nice gift!



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