Dear Otis- 4 Months

Dear Otis,

It is December 19th, meaning that you are a whopping 4 months old today!  It is so much fun to see you continue to make sense out of this planet.  This month your big accomplishment has been controlling your hands.  You love to touch different fabrics and grasp your toys.  You have finally figured out that you are the one in charge of those five fingered contraptions and it has totally opened up your world.

You have also created your own language.  You are experimenting with all the sounds you can make.  You especially love the acoustics of the bathroom.  While I shower, you vocalize.  You have tons of adorable noises and a few high pitched shrieks that your Dad and I are hoping to eliminate from your vocabulary.  You also have an adorable sigh that you emit when you have finally given in to sleep.

You are one active little guy.  You can now roll from your back onto your side and I am pretty sure you will be flipping over soon.  You also love to do karate.  Let me set the scene.  Your dad will say in a sinister voice “I’m gonna get you Otis” (you find this hilarious in itself) and then we’ll make your arms do punching movements at your Dad.  This is one of your favorite games right now along with standing on our bellies and looking down at us.  You seem to enjoy towering over us.  Not sure how that bodes for the future 🙂  You also enjoy getting flung about.  We dip you, “toss” you (not too high), let you hang upside down, etc. all to your delight.

This month you travelled on a plane across the country, observed some ballet classes at Marin Ballet, attended your first holiday party, and helped us pick out a Christmas tree.  You and I like to take field trips around the Christmas tree looking at all the ornaments.  Your eyes track so easily now.  Your gaze follows my fingers as I point at a Santa here and a reindeer there.



I am trying to help you become slightly less dependent on me, in preparation for starting daycare in 2.5 weeks.  Believe me, this is not my favorite task (I do enjoy coddling you).  You are drinking from a bottle quite well, and we are starting to work on putting you in your crib drowsy but not asleep so that you can learn to fall asleep on your own.  That one is still a work in progress.

All in all, we’ve had an awesome month.  Your Dad and I barely watch TV at all any more- we are so busy watching you!  You are the best entertainment ever and we love you so much.



P.S. Here are some favorite photos from this month.

IMG_1272 IMG_0414 IMG_1304 P1000420 IMG_1333 IMG_1346 IMG_1530 IMG_1522 IMG_1341

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