Not My Finest Moment

For the last few weeks Otis was a good little sleeper. He would take hour long naps during the day and at night would sleep at least 4 hours at a time and sometimes up to 6 hours at a time.

You will note that the above paragraph is written in the past tense. The last 3 days have been markedly different. His naps have been 20-30 minutes long which is basically enough time for mom to start a project, but not complete it. So yes, the cleaning supplies made it to the bathroom and the vaccum made it to our room, but neither bathroom nor bedroom floor have actually been cleaned. Oh well. This I took in stride. It’s the nights . . . . .

The last 3 nights he’s been waking up every 1.5-2 hours to eat (growth spurt??? Btw Brad and I think he’s having a growth spurt or teething pretty much every time he is fussy so we are definitely crying wolf). Even that I can handle. The problem is that, even though he falls asleep after eating, he won’t go back in his bed. Each time I set him down he starts to fuss until Brad or I picks him back up. He has no problem sleeping on us, but then we have a problem sleeping at all.


So what was my solution last night? Uttering less than choice words at 3am. I will commend myself in that I did not direct those curse words at Brad or Otis, but rather at the universe in general. Feel free to envision me shaking my fist at the ceiling whilst muttering. I will admit that it was not my finest moment, but now that the sun is up I know that this too shall pass.

3 thoughts on “Not My Finest Moment”

  1. ummmm…sounds like “I love you to pieces” was not one of the phrases you were mumbling to the universe?? I adore your posts; they remind me of all magical moments so many of us have been lucky enough to have while raising a child. I also think the pic of you Otis and Lani passed out… it’s worth a thousand words. Funny how everybody tells you about how you get no sleep, but it really doesn’t have much meaning until you go through it. But as you have already leaned, it’s all worth it – just one little smile, or giggle makes it all better. Keep up the good work, Otis will be grateful, one day, for best parents in the world. Happy 3 months + little man!


  2. I second Aunt Jan’s wise words. Even when you are pie-eyed and slightly sick to your stomach from lack of sleep, that little one can still make you swoon with love. Hang in there! It gets better!


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