Dear Otis- 3 Months

Dear Otis,

Today you are 3 months old and you are quite a big kid.  You weigh 13.5 pounds and I think you are 25 inches long (based on me using a tape measurer while you are squirming).  Your hair is out of control (in a good way) and your facial expressions are positively delightful.  I’m getting quite an ego because not only do you think I am hilarious, you also think I am a good singer.  We listen to Disney songs on Pandora and you are over the moon with my Ursula impression from The Little Mermaid.  You also like my dance moves.  I think our best dance song is the Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book.

Big things happened in month three.  You rolled over!  You have rolled from your tummy to your back 7 times proving that you are physically capable.  However you often forget that you have this skill and cry for me to flip you over.  You also started laughing this month.  You love to laugh when we tickle your neck.  It is truly my favorite sound in the whole wide world!

Your current favorite game is Scoot.  You lie on your back on the blanket and bend your legs.  Daddy or I put our hands against your feet and you push off propelling yourself a foot across the blanket.  We then repeat over and over again.  You think it is a blast.  You also love to “stand” with us helping you balance.  And you love to have “conversations” with the red frog that hangs from your bouncer.  You will just stare at him for 10 minutes.  You send him questioning raised eyebrows and flirty smiles and babble to him.  Besides me and your dad, red frog is your BFF.

Here are some of my favorite photos of you in Month Three.

Love you to pieces,


IMG_1072 IMG_1058 IMG_1035

Talking with Red Frog
Talking with Red Frog
Bones it!
Bones it!

IMG_1200 IMG_1097 IMG_1167IMG_1191IMG_1109

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